Product feature: Tiltman NZ range

The Danish-made attachments have found a growing customer base in NZ

Tiltman NZ has been distributing its range of tilt hitches and mini-excavator tools for five years and has a steadily growing customer base, thanks to the efficiency of the
Danish-made attachments, which are made for 0.8- to three-tonne excavators.

Reliability and ongoing R&D in Denmark has recommendations from New Zealand adopted to ensure the Tiltman range is purpose-built for local conditions.

Tiltman DK sells hundreds of units a year in Europe and Scandinavia and supply some prominent excavator dealers with tilts for machines of​f​ the showro​​om floor.

Tilt hitches

The landscaping rake is 1.5m long with reversible tines

The lightweight, compact, and strong Tiltman tilt hitches are also a quick coupler, with quick release and snap-on design. Tiltman NZ offers a lifetime warranty on the manufacturing and two-year parts warranty, subject to conditions.

The simple fixed ram design eliminates moving parts to just the centre pin, which is fully greaseable along with the release mechanism.

Attachments and buckets

The hitches are lightweight, compact, and strong

Tiltman NZ can supply attachments and wide buckets to suit the tilts. There’s a hydraulic grab, 1.5-metre landscaping rake, root saw, 700mm wide bucket, and a 1.1-metre wide bucket. Both buckets come with tapered sides to allow close proximity work alongside buildings and edges.

The hydraulic grab is a great tool for picking up green waste, logs, firewood, concrete, etc. and loading trucks.

The landscaping rake is 1.5 metres long with reversible tines with short 30mm ones for levelling gravel, topsoil, backfilling drains, and site tidy ups. The long tines are great for raking out weeds, green waste, and tree trimmings.

No need for auxiliary line

Left: Tiltman NZ can supply attachments and wide buckets to suit the tilts Right: The hydraulic grab

Tiltman has a combination valve that allows the tilt to be plumbed off the top of it and retain the couplers for auxiliary lines to a grab, auger, breaker, etc. to be used. Simply turn the taps off sending oil flow to the attachment and lock the tilt off. This eliminates the need for an extra auxiliary line to be fitted to the machine.

Tiltman pin sets

The tilts have a specific fixed pin set and allow all buckets to snap on backwards as well. It’s easy to retro-fit buckets with Tiltman pin sets and it’s always in stock.


All Tiltman NZ products can be ordered direct or alternatively, dig buckets and spades can be ordered from Youngman Richardson & Co or Wedgelock Equipment.

For more information, contact Andrew Nelson 021 111 3882 or visit

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