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Neilo graders cater to contractors' various needs and preferences, offering a choice between a ROPS frame or cabin for operator safety and comfort

In the realms of construction and site levelling, Neilo Equipment stands out with its range of tractor graders. Available in three distinct sizes, these graders cater to contractors’ various needs and preferences, offering a choice between a ROPS frame or cabin for operator safety and comfort.

At the forefront of this line-up is the recently released M5111 Cabin Tractor grader — a machine that combines comfort with capability — showcased at Fieldays®.

The Neilo M5111 is compact, yet capable and precise

The newly developed eCONTROL system replaces the need for unwieldy hydraulic control sticks and connections with tactile, responsive electronic levers in a drive-by-wire style system, improving cabin visibility and simplifying operation for new operators.

The grader range

The Neilo grader range has proved popular across New Zealand and Australia for several reasons.

Cost-effectiveness: A tractor grader’s smaller size and efficiency reduce operational costs. They are more fuel-efficient and require less maintenance than their larger counterparts, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run.

They’re also more affordable than the average traditional grader. Priced between $40,000 and $200,000+, depending on the size and grade control technology, the Neilo range offers value for money, making high-quality grading accessible to smaller contractors.

Easy to service and transportation: With Kubota agents widespread across New Zealand and Australia, service is always within reach. Neilo graders are also easy to transport. The small B3150 graders can be towed on regular trailers, while the larger models easily fit on small ‘skateboard’ style trucks without the need for pilot vehicles or specialist trucks.

The B3150 Tractor Grader is an open cab model with unrestricted views of the blade

Ease of use: Due to its compact size, Neilo’s tractor graders are easier to manoeuvre and operate in confined spaces, translating to faster completion of tasks and less downtime.

Technological integration: Equipped with modern grade control technology, such as GPS systems, Neilo graders provide precise measurements for levelling, ensuring high precision and efficiency on the job site. GPS technology can also be retrofitted. Neilo has assisted its customers with all sorts of grade control systems, from 2D Lasers to sonic line tracing to full 3D GPS-controlled systems to suit customers’ existing site equipment.

Versatility: Neilo’s graders are renowned for their versatility. The B3150, for instance, is a compact yet powerful model, weighing 1290kg and equipped with a 31hp engine. It truly excels with space-restricted tasks, such as footpaths and small driveways, where traditional graders or skid steers would struggle.

Neilo graders are built around the Kubota tractor platform

Neilo road brooms: keeping sites clean

Neilos’ range also includes the highly efficient Tractor Road brooms. A hydraulic rotating broom mounted on a modified Kubota tractor, these brooms have proven invaluable in large roadworks, aiding sealing crews by cleaning loose chips on roads and yards after large vehicle movements.

The Neilo B3150 Road Broom is the mainstay of the Neilo range. The large, high-performance 1.75-metre-wide Road Broom is hydraulically operated from the air-conditioned and heated cabin. Its design allows operators to sweep at the exact positioning required while enabling them to quickly replace worn brushes with two spanners.

The Tractor Brooms are produced in two different sizes, with varying width brooms available

A top-mounted ‘Top Spin’ pre-cleaner protects the engine from dust. It’s available with a dust suppression unit, a custom-built trailer, and various safety features to keep operators safe.

The L5740 Road Broom, with double the horsepower (57hp), features a unique spring-activated broom design that follows the lateral pivot, reducing brush wear and coning. Neilo offers it with a 1.75-metre or 2.1-metre broom, an optional dust suppression unit, windscreen protectors, and a custom-built Brent Smith Trailer.

For added versatility, Neilo offers a front-mounted Truck Broom kit, which can be attached to existing crew trucks and is powered by the truck’s PTO. Neilo provides the necessary broom hardware for your preferred technician to install.

The kit includes Neilo’s full broom assembly, hydraulic valving, and in-cabin joystick, with the remainder to be customised to fit your truck by your preferred engineer/installer.

About Neilo

Neilo M5111 ROPS grader

Based in Palmerston North, Neilo Equipment has been developing unique graders and road sweepers since its conception in 2005. Developed to use on some 70hp 2WD tractors, the first Neilo Graders proved to be popular, so founder Neil O’Fee took this demand from strength to strength.

All products are built upon Kubota tractors, making them the perfect match for Neilo’s precision-engineered sweepers and graders — all installed without affecting the original Kubota warranty. With components built to last, they’re a reliable investment that will be with you for the long haul.

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