Product feature: Hidromek HMK140LCH4

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Justin Bennett, Video by: Justin Bennett

The latest Hidromek model has arrived in NZ

Late last year, Magnum Equipment said 2021 would be a big year for the Hidromek brand in New Zealand and even though we’ve only just clocked into February, the company is quickly delivering on that statement.

The new year started off with a preview of the Hidromek HMK230MG grader (DOW 333), and now a mere four weeks later, we’re getting a tour of the latest arrival to our shores—a 14.8-tonne Hidromek excavator.

Carrying the model name of HMK140LCH4, this machine is the latest in Hidromek’s H4 series, which recently replaced the popular Gen3 series.

"We began with the Gen 3 series of machines and are now moving ahead with the H4s, progressively releasing them here in New Zealand," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.

The HMK140LCH4 is the latest model to arrive in NZ
The HMK140LCH4 is the latest model to arrive in NZ

"The 140 follows on from the 145 (HMK145LCSR) and 230 (HMK230LC) H4 excavators we have already introduced, and in a couple of weeks, we will have the 31-tonne HMK310LCH4 model arriving," he says.

Power plant

Hidromek says the new H4 series excavators are 17% more productive, 21% more efficient, and seven percent faster when compared to the previous series.

Powered by a 73kW (98hp) Isuzu engine, the HMK140LCH4 produces a gross maximum torque of 385Nm@1600rpm and flow a maximum of 130 litres per minute through each of its two Kawasaki main pumps. Being a Tier 3 engine, there’s no requirement for diesel exhaust fluid, such as AdBlue.

"This model has an on-board refueller, so that’s a big benefit, especially for those contractors who work on remote sites and don’t have access to bulk fuel trucks," says Liam.

Distinctive look

The aesthetic of the H4-series excavator slots in nicely with the high-back end design that seems popular these days, and along with the distinctive white/black colour scheme, the European-made machines are made to stand out on any crowded job site.

Moving inside the cab, the company says the H4-series excavators boast the largest cab in a production machine of the same size, along with an air-suspension seat and a built-in cooler storage compartment for true operator comfort.

Spacious cab said to be largest in size range
Spacious cab said to be largest in size range

"This machine has the largest capacity aircon for these types of excavators bar none," says Liam, "and the cab is built to house even the largest body-types, so there’s no claustrophobic feeling when sitting behind the controls."

The Hidromek difference

Other design work that will help differentiate the HMK145LCH4 from competing brands in the same size category is the double-top roller set-up, which is said to distinguish it as a true long carriage (LC) excavator.

"People who follow what we do will already be familiar with the build quality on these machines, but for those who don’t, we always point out the heavy grade of steel used on the panels and the thickness of the steel on the undercarriage," says Liam.

"For owners of other brands, I tell them to measure the steel on their undercarriage and come in and compare it to a Hidromek machine. They are always surprised by the difference," he says.

Double piping as standard on this model
Double piping as standard on this model

Regular users of attachments will also be quick to pick up on the double-piping on the digger arm, which comes as a standard fixture on this latest Hidromek excavator.

"The 140 model can also be supplied with a blade, which adds around one tonne to the operating weight but also provides a lot of versatility to the machine," says Liam.

"Lubrication for the boom and arm is all from a central point, so there’s no excuse to not attend to those hard-to-reach places."

Hidromek on show

"We’re very proud that we’re able to supply excavators that give owners a sense of satisfaction that they are operating a quality, well-made machine and the Hidromek brand has enabled us to do that," says Liam.

"Our intention is to set up a demonstration day in the next few months, where we can get people together in one place to really see what us and owners of Hidromek machines are talking about.

"We can talk about the brand all day, but it’s not until people sit behind the controls or thump on the steel panels for themselves, do they fully understand what other Hidromek owners have already found out, and that is we have one of the best, if not the best machines available in New Zealand."

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