Product feature: Norm Engineering grass slashers

Norm Engineering continues to set the bar high, with its range of grass slashers designed to tackle the toughest of terrains

A wide range of glass slashers are available

In the world of agricultural and landscaping equipment, efficiency and adaptability are paramount.

Norm Engineering continues to set the bar high, with its range of grass slashers, available in sizes from four feet (1.22 metres) to seven feet (2.13 metres) and designed to tackle the toughest of terrains.

Four- to six-foot models

The slashers are designed to tackle the toughest of terrains

For those managing smaller areas or requiring precision, the four- to six-foot slashers offer maximum cutting torque and tip speed, ensuring fast, clean cuts.

The models are equipped with essential features, such as fork points for stability, front and rear chains for protection, and an optional jockey wheel to enhance manoeuvrability.

The design includes optional drop links to accommodate air-conditioned cabs, making them ideal for comfortable operation in various environmental conditions.

The pickup design promotes easy entry and exit, emphasising user convenience and safety.

Seven-foot models

On the other hand, the seven-foot models are a testament to Norm Engineering’s commitment to innovation and functionality.

The larger slashers cater to extensive, rugged landscapes requiring more robust machinery.

Equipped with dual motors and two sets of three blades, Norm Engineering says they offer unmatched cutting power and are available in both High Flow and Low Flow options to suit different hydraulic systems.

The adjustable and replaceable heavy-duty side skids extend the life of the slasher under frequent use.

Like their smaller counterparts, the seven-foot models also feature fork points and protective chains, with the advantage of a floating frame that adapts to the ground’s contour for a consistent cut.

Precision and durability

Built with precision and durability in mind

Whether it’s the compact four-foot slasher or the expansive seven-foot model, Norm Engineering says their slashers are built with precision and durability in mind.

"With features tailored to maximise ease of use and efficiency, the grass slashers stand out as top-tier equipment in the agricultural sector," the brand says.

For more information, contact Norm Engineering at 027 225 8980 or visit

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