Product feature: Boss Attachments range

Boss Attachments' growing range of products has helped the brand to meet the wide-ranging demands of its customers

During the past few years, the strategic expansion of the range at Boss Attachments means that it’s well-positioned to meet the wide-ranging demands of the demolition, earthmoving, quarrying, mining, and forestry sectors.    

An example of their range diversity can be clearly seen when you compare their massive 12-tonne OSA and Shearcore demolition tools with the 120kg baby of their Antraquip Milling Head range.

"Side by side, the size difference is simply enormous, but what they, and all our other brands share, is the design innovation and build quality that our clients can rely on to reduce operating costs and increase their production," says Boss MD Paul Herbison.

MOTOFOG Dust Cannons are compact, easily transportable, and have low operating costs

New arrivals during the past 12 months have included the company’s very own range of telescoping arms capable of operating to depths of up to 40 metres at a production rate of around 136 cubic metres per hour. They provide significant advantages for underground construction on sites such as tunnels, car parks, basements, and deep foundations.

"These telescopic arms have been a major success on 10 really challenging sites in Sydney and Melbourne".

MOTOFOG Dust Cannons are another new Boss brand with the first shipment arriving into Auckland during early in December 2020—due a few months earlier but delayed because of the impact of COVID-19 on shipping.

"That timing couldn’t have been better, because within just days of arrival, they were in action helping to reduce the environmental hazards caused by the Ponsonby Intermediate School fire."

Italian-designed and manufactured, MOTOFOG has become a world-leading dust suppression brand with an operational range of up to 60 metres, says Paul. Units are compact, easily transportable, and have low operating costs. The performance-proven range also includes diesel and electric powered model options.

It’s also worth noting, especially for businesses in Auckland and those other regions with ongoing water shortage problems, that MOTOFOG units require significantly less water consumption than many other models.

"We really pleased to have these new brands and they are a great fit with our with the rest of our range."

Antraquip brand has redefined rock cutting technology

During 2020, Boss brands played important roles at a number of landmark products throughout New Zealand. These include the SHI roading project north of Auckland and the upgrade of the 100 plus-year-old Northern Railway Line. At both projects, up to eight different sized Antraquip Milling Heads, including the small AQ-IS model and the much larger AQ-5, have been utilised.

These highly versatile Antraquip Milling Heads have been used to trim batters, widen and lower tunnels, remove dangerous rock overhands, shaping of roadside drains, trenching for culverts, trimming diaphragm walls, and soil mixing in week ground. They are redefining how engineers extract rock with little or no over-break or damage to the parent rock. 

This alone delivers an immense cost-saving on the lifetime of the project, especially with 50-metre tall slopes being able to be trimmed to cm accuracy using GPS technology.

"We’re really proud of the benefits that our brands are delivering for our clients, especially now when reduced operating costs and better performance are so important," says Paul.

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