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Engcon tiltrotators can deliver more efficiently when working in urban environments and confined spaces

Tiltrotators are growing in popularity because of the appeal of being able to complete work quicker and maintain a high standard of finish. Here’s what to expect from investing in an engcon tiltrotator.

Maximum flexibility

Working in urban environments or on sites with confined space can be difficult and slow down a job’s progress. Sometimes, access to sites can be tricky and there may only just be enough space to drive the excavator in and little space to do the actual work.

With an engcon tiltrotator, operators can rotate the bucket 360 degrees infinitely and can also angle it to 45 degrees in both directions. This enables them to maximise the flexibility of their excavator and work more precisely.

Engcon tiltrotators deliver more efficiently when working in urban environments and confined spaces
Engcon tiltrotators deliver more efficiently when working in urban environments and confined spaces

Minimal machine movements

Often, operators have to reposition their excavator many times a day. Reducing the need to move their machine makes it more efficient, saves fuel, reduces wear, the workplace becomes safer, and you help protect the environment. Not only does actual excavation become more efficient and profitable with an engcon tiltrotator but it also minimises the number of machine repositions, thereby reducing damage to land and improving safety onsite.

Do more and you’ll earn more

Engcon has a huge range of attachments available: buckets, grapples, grabs, brushes, compactors, etc., which further expands the types of jobs an excavator can deliver.
For instance, if an operator is working on a subdivision earthworks job that also needs trenching, there would be no need to call in another machine when they’re already on-site and able to do both jobs. Completing more tasks on each site means operators earn more and also save on transportation costs.

Market-leading innovation and design

Engcon is​​ a world-leading manufacturer of tiltrotators, says Global Survey, the brand’s supplier in New Zealand. Founded in Sweden in 1990, engcon has developed a reputation for quality, innovation, and first-class aftersales support. They lead the market in terms of innovative systems and design features focused on delivering maximum efficiency.

The unique engcon EC-Oil system automatically connects hydraulics, power, and central lubrication between the quick coupler of the excavator and under the tiltrotator. It connects hydraulic tools at full system pressure.

The engcon quick hitch enables operators to change hydraulic tools in just 10 seconds, without even needing to leave the cab. If it takes 10 minutes to change a bucket or attachment manually and six changes are done in a day, that’s an hour saved every day.

Local expertise and support

Engcon tiltrotators are available locally in New Zealand from Global Survey and are supplied, serviced, and supported by specialist teams based in Auckland and Christchurch. They take care of the installation and training and provide ongoing support. 

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