Product feature: Cangini attachments

Cobra Attachments are the NZ distributor for Cangini that is becoming a popular choice in NZ

Operating out of their home base of Invercargill, Cobra Attachments, at any one time, have some 800-plus excavator attachments in stock that are sold throughout New Zealand and further afield on a regular basis.

From the warehouse, the business says it has the ability to outfit almost all excavators from stock off the shelf but can also build or fit attachments, thanks to a comprehensive shop that can carry out custom engineering, CNC plasma profile cutting, milling, and lathe work.

Working in partnership with other suppliers, Cobra also provides attachments for up to 100-tonne excavators if necessary.

Sorting grapples

Each grapple comes with the ability to be customised to suit individual user needs

Cobra Attachments are the New Zealand distributor for Cangini, and it’s here that the Italian-made brand is becoming a popular choice for their selection of sorting grapples. Built from high-strength steel, one advantage of the grapple is its shorter tip radius that makes it easier to load trucks when the grapple is fully crowded in.

Each grapple comes with the ability to be customised to suit individual user needs and comes in sizes to fit excavators from 1.7 to 14 tonnes.

Pole driver

The pincer grab and driver makes quick work of placing poles

Another product that Cobra Attachments says has quickly become popular in the rural sector is the Cangini pole driver. Fitted with a pincer grab, this attachment negates the need for any hands-on use, enabling the excavator operator to pick up a pole, place it upright on the ground, and quickly ram it into the ground thanks to the hydraulic driver.

Sole focus on excavators

At any one time, Cobra have some 800-plus excavator attachments in stock

For the customer, Cobra Attachments have a focus solely on excavators, with attachments for urban, rural, and forestry applications. This is where they say their strength is, along with a fast dispatch and keen knowledge of the industry.

With deliveries spread near evenly between the North and South Islands, Cobra Attachments say they are only a phone call or email away.

For more information, contact 0800 223 553 or visit

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