Product feature: Simex specialist attachments

Based in Italy, Simex is one for tech leading suppliers of hydraulic-driver attachments for roadworks, infrastructure, demolition, and construction

CBE crusher bucket

Based in Italy, Simex has been manufacturing specialist attachments for excavators and skid steers since 1991 when they launched their skid steer planer at the international bauma show.

Today, they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of hydraulic-driven attachments for roadworks, infrastructure, demolition, and construction. Simex attachments are the result of an in-depth study of all their components – structural elements as well as mechanical and hydraulic parts.

Rotorua-based Active VMA, who has been importing and distributing Simex products in New Zealand since 2016, has supplied a number of Simex attachments for skid steers and excavators around the country.

PL60.25 skid steer planer

"We have done a good number of the PL60.25 skid steer planers and have great feedback from customers saying they love the simplicity of the machine along with its unique features," explains Ray Copland, attachments product manager for Active VMA.

"We bring these machines in with a built-in water tank, which eliminates the need for a separate water tank system that needs to be mounted on the cab roof of the prime mover.

Plus, the planer comes standard with the Simex Performer system, which gives the operator indication if they are pushing the rotor too hard and should back off, hence giving maximum performance" explains Ray.

"We’re now also bringing in the excavator crusher bucket and screening bucket by Simex.

The CBE crusher bucket is unique in many ways, as it can be used for crushing concrete, bricks, rebar, timber, and rock as the rotor comes equipped with auto reverser, so if the object is too hard for the teeth to break on the first strike, it will do a half reverse rotation and automatically return to normal working direction.

"The VSE screening bucket range also has some unique features, as it’s the only screening bucket that has steel screening rollers that can be adjusted via hydraulic adjustment by up to 40mm from the excavator cab, so makes the process of adjusting the size of material easier, instead of time-consuming manual adjustment.

"The VSE screening bucket also features steel screening rollers that allow the bucket to deal with hard material, such as stones and soil, so it has a lot more versatility than buckets fitted with plastic/nylon rollers, which can only deal with soil and light material."

TF double drum rotary cutter

The TF double drum rotary cutter range is also available for excavators — from 2.5 to 70 tonnes — and there are a few of these out working in New Zealand.

Active VMA generally stocks the TF 600 model suited for 10- to 20-tonne excavators and used for trenching, profiling rock and concrete walls, tunnelling, quarrying, demolition, dredging, finishing operations, and underwater works.

The TF range has an integrated high-displacement hydraulic piston motor with double support bearings that are housed in watertight chassis. Simex also has a range of asphalt planers and wheel saws for excavators.

For more information on any of the SIMEX products, contact Ray Copland 021 786 525 or visit

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