Product feature: Auger Torque earth drills

Auger Torque has been making a big impact in the construction and agriculture sectors of NZ, with their robust earth drills

Trenching unit

Being a contractor or a farmer is the same when it comes to having the right tools for the
job to help increase productivity and achieve the best results. That’s where Auger Torque, manufacturer of earth drills, trenching, and drive units, comes in.

Mini excavator with Earth Drill X2000

Auger Torque has been making a big impact in the construction and agriculture sectors of New Zealand and have what they say are the most robust and heavily-built planetary gearboxes in the industry, designed to give years of high output and reliable production.

The business was established in Europe in 1998, with an assertion of providing unrivalled reliability and cost-effective operations. The company’s innovative designs are rigorously tested in some of the most difficult drilling conditions to increase efficiency, productivity, and safety on the job site.

Construction drills

Drilling for farm fence posts

In the construction industry, Auger Torque’s earth drills are used for a variety of purposes, from massive, high torque screw pile foundation installations to simple fence post installations or tree planting.

Skid steer with Earth Drill 4500

The earth drills come in a range of sizes and capacities, making them suitable for use on all types of machines. Additionally, Auger Torque also offers drive units that are compatible with a range of different attachments, making it easy to switch between earth augers and hard rock drills through to other tasks, including log splitting and stump planning. The range includes units suited to excavators, from one to 65 tonnes, and skid steers.

Agriculture drills

25000MAX Earth Drill and 1200mm tungsten auger

In the agriculture sector, Auger Torque’s products are used for a variety of tasks, including post-hole digging for fence or yard installations, shed foundations, and irrigation installations.

The earth drills and trenchers can be fitted to any tractor or other suitable machine on the farm. As with all Auger Torque products, they are durable and long lasting, making them ideal for use in tough, demanding environments. Auger Torque’s products are also designed to be easy to operate, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity.

Key advantages

Auger Torque says one of the key advantages of its products is their unique epicyclic planetary gearbox that multiplies the hydraulic motor’s output torque with extreme efficiency.

They also feature a large single-piece drive shaft, giving high strength and a design guarantee that the shaft will never fall out. The products are well-thought-out and finished with tidy and strong forged components.

Earthworm Attachments, the official supplier of Auger Torque across New Zealand, have been helping customers get the most out of their investment, with offices in Gore, Queenstown, Christchurch, and Auckland.

The company has a wide range of products in stock and provides quick service and delivery anywhere in New Zealand. Whether the job requires a small auger or a large demolition pulveriser, the sales and support team ensure customers get the job done as efficiently as possible.

For more details, e-mail the sales team at or call free on 0508 21 22 23 or visit and

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