Product feature: Cobra Attachments root rakes

Cobra Attachments specialise in custom root rakes ideally suited for land clearing material jobs that easily handle the power of the modern day excavator

Cobra Attachments say they have specifically made root rake attachments ideally suited for land clearing to material handling jobs, with a large range of designs and sizes to cater for this niche market.

Custom rakes can be designed and manufactured to suit specific requirements

All root rakes manufactured by Cobra have wear steel tips for long-life durability in corrosive conditions and a strong box section body to handle the power of modern-day excavators. Cobra hold a large amount of root rakes in stock for one- to 25-tonne machines.

Custom rakes can be designed and manufactured to suit specific requirements. Nationwide freight is available, including the Pacific Islands. Here is a brief overview of the three main types of root rakes available:

Curved root rake

12-tonne new curve

With its curved shape, the operator is able to get under rocks, stumps, and large roots. The design also allows for more material to be handled at one time. Another common use can be to screen rocks with its evenly spaced tines.

Push-pull root rake

12-tonne push-pull rake

With all the logging going on, there’s a large amount of land clearing needed. The push-pull rake comes into its own with the ability to create windrows in two swoops of the boom. Cobra’s custom-designed push-pull rake is built strong to handle the rugged conditions of New Zealand forestry.

Straight root rake

12-tonne straight rake

For some contractors, root raking can be sporadic, so Cobra has created a cost-effective option. The simple straight root rake is designed to clear away surface material while leaving behind the dirt.

For more information, call Cobra Attachments on 0800 223 553.

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