Product feature: Bell B30E ADT

The Bell B30E Articulated Dump-Truck (ADT) has been engineered specifically with customer-focused advancements and high-level automated machine protection in mind

With the drive and transmission systems of the Bell brand already being well established, research and development has been focussed on operator comfort and driving assistance technology.


This E Series machine features a semi-independent, leading A-frame supported by hydro/pneumatic, nitrogen/oil suspension struts. This reduces the sharp jarring that’s common in other ADTs. The rear end has been kept a bit simpler, with durable pivoting walking beams and laminated rubber suspension blocks that provide high vertical wheel travel and maintain tyre to ground contact and traction.

Along with the other trucks in the Bell range, the B30E’s product design incorporates the use of alloy steels that are backed by stringent weld quality standards. The B30E has very low weight and ground pressure, meaning it is a better performer on inclines and slippery surfaces.

Designed for use in a dynamic trucking environment, the B30E is powered by the Mercedes Benz OM926 LA engine providing 322hp (240kW) of power with high torque rise, proven efficiency and reduced fuel burn.

Through the Allison 3500PR ORS six-speed electronic transmission, the B30E automatically down and up shifts, adapting to the operator, dump body position, site conditions and payload. Helping get that power to the ground is all Bell’s responsibility, with a Bell GR 10,000 transfer box and Bell 18-tonne axles.

Keeping the fully laden ADT under control on steep descents is an automatic exhaust brake, engine valve brake, and a variable adjustable hydraulic retarder incorporated in the transmission, making service brake applications minimal.

The Bell B30E has been engineered specifically with customer-focused advancements and high-level automated machine protection in mind

The braking system features wet disc brakes, extending brake wear and generating up to 20 percent more brake force than dry-disc service brakes. The fully hydraulically actuated brakes operate on the front and middle axles, with the brake lines protected by bolt on guards.

The B30E cab is just as world-class as the rest of the machine. Air-conditioned for comfort and ROPS/FOPS compliant, the cab is packed with features, such as fully-adjustable air-suspension operator’s seat and full-length glass driver’s door, giving visibility right to the ground on the left-hand side of the cab.

The bulk of the controls are situated in a sealed-switch module unit, which sits off to the right of the steering wheel. A nifty grab handle sits alongside the module unit and helps keep the driver steady. Getting information across to operator is done via an electronic 10-inch full-colour screen dash.

It also converts to a full-display monitor when the reversing camera is activated. Capable of several other things, the electronic dash also shows the pitch and roll sensor display, on-board weighing system, and maximum speed control to prevent on-site speeding.

Cleverly, the weighing system can be set to sound the horn when the maximum payload is reached.

Payload recording, cycle times and all other key truck performance data is recorded and can be remotely viewed and downloaded using the Bell Fleetmatic asset management tool.

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