Product feature: Thwaites cabbed dumpers

NZ Dumpers recently added the redesigned Thwaites nine-tonne cabbed dumper into the fleet to ensure they provide the safest fleet possible to their customers

While working as a project manager on construction sites in London, Dave Brooker saw how economic Thwaites site dumpers were at moving spoil on-site and the range of sizes, agility, and versatile tipping bins allowed contractors to improve efficiency through proper utilisation.

Thwaites machines range from one to nine tonnes

On his return to New Zealand in 2011, Dave set up NZ Dumpers and placed an order for a small number of Thwaites machines, ranging from one- to nine-tonne capacities to develop a market for the smaller 4WD articulated site dumpers.

NZ Dumpers fleet manager Ashley Vazey says he’s impressed with the build quality of Thwaites machines and that by running late model premium equipment in the fleet, they are able to provide clients with a highly reliable earthmoving solution.

Recently, the company has added the redesigned Thwaites nine-tonne cabbed dumper into the fleet to ensure they provide the safest fleet possible to their customers.

Ashley adds that enquiries for hireage of dumpers fitted with air-conditioned cabs is on the rise, as companies increase requirements for health and safety initiatives.

A cab, he says, not only protects an operator from the obvious physical risks (roll-over and contact with digger buckets) but also negates the requirement to dismount the vehicle while it’s being loaded removing risk during mounting/dismounting. It also provides the operator with a high degree of protection from dust, weather, and sun.

The redesigned Thwaites nine-tonne cabbed dumper

This means that the new cabbed dumper provides a greater level of safety, operator comfort, and can operate in a greater variety of terrain while still maintaining the economic benefits, which has seen the popularity of site dumpers increase dramatically.

Thwaites Dumpers are generally powered by Perkins engines, however, is now available with the Euro 4 Deutz engine. The new cabbed dumper variant that NZ Dumpers has incorporated into its fleet comes standard with the Deutz engine as Thwaites continues to focus on improving safety while minimising any environment impact.

NZ Dumpers has now grown in size significantly and provides a range of dumpers from one- to 30-tonne payloads. This growth has been supported by the New Zealand Thwaites agent ATJ Sales, with the distributor providing product knowledge, parts support, and various purchasing solutions to assist the rapid growth of the NZ Dumper business.

For distributor information, call 021 402 038 or visit Hire: 021 0819 4655,,

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