Product feature: Lincom Warrior

Lincom Group recently delivered a heavy-duty screen machine to C&R Developments Ltd of Cambridge, New Zealand

The Powerscreen® Warrior 2400 heavy-duty scalping screen is currently at work on a significant extension project at the Lyttelton Port Company (LPC).

The Warrior 2400 is capable of handling larger feed sizes and throughputs

LPC intends to create new land through a land development programme, and they are embarking on a long-term plan to develop a modern container terminal at Te Awaparahi Bay.

This C&R project, which runs over two years, involves dredging a section of sea bed and replacing it with an engineering bund containing approximately 850,000 tonnes of selected material extracted from the local quarry (1.5km from the port).

The overall project has various stages, removing soft-sediments by dredging, constructing the bund, and end-tipping into the sea using a bulldozer/excavator.

A combination of blasting, excavation, screening, stockpiling, carting, and placing material will be handled over the next two years. Some 2.6 million tonnes of material is required to be excavated, carted, and placed into the new reclamation area to extend the port by six hectares.

The Warrior 2400 has been specially designed for large-scale operators in quarrying and mining sectors

The Warrior 2400 has been specially designed for large-scale operators in quarrying and mining sectors. User benefits include a slide-out tail conveyor facility to aid media access and a load sensing collection conveyor circuit to avoid blockages. Other benefits are:

  • Output potential up to 800tph
  • Aggressive heavy-duty triple shaft screen, with adjustable frequency, amplitude, and stroke angle
  • Jack up screen facility to aid screen media changes

Lincom worked closely with C&R Developments to understand specific requirements and to provide the best solutions.

"C&R needed big tonnage for the Lyttelton Port project and the Warrior is the biggest scalper on the market. It is 20’ x 6’ (6m x 1.8m) on both decks, top and bottom," says Catrina Quinn, group marketing manager.

By meeting these standards, Lincom puts steps in place to ensure the safety of persons and the proper functioning of the plant. These codes of practice also assist with the risk assessment of the machine during commissioning.

Triple-shaft technology

The Warrior 2400 is capable of handling larger feed sizes and throughputs. It features a heavy-duty screen with a high amplitude triple-shaft drive mechanism, lending it to the most demanding screening, scalping, two- or three-way splitting and stockpiling applications.

"The Warrior 2400 is different to everything else on the market," says Catrina. "It’s the only scalper with triple-shaft technology, meaning both the amplitude and the direction of throw can be altered, and independently of each other. This gives the ability to accurately tune the machine to the specification application, maximising quality and throughput of the finished product."

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