Profile: Boss Attachments

When it comes to performance-proven demolition attachments, the Boss range has contractors talking

"Our range of world-leading brands speaks for itself," says Boss Attachments MD Paul Herbison. 

"It has also been carefully selected to ensure that we have the project specific type of products that our clients are asking for."

OSA SH35 making short work of demolition project

An example of this comprehensive strategy is the recent introduction of the Fortress by Shearcore range, which the company says is globally recognised as the world’s most powerful and best-performing shear.

"At first glance, people may see Fortress and our existing OSA range as competing brands," says Paul, "but they each actually occupy quite different market segments."

Whereas, OSA fits well with the general contractor, Fortress is the perfect shear for the dedicated recycling, scrap, or demolition operator who is pushing their gear to the absolute limit 24/7.

The company’s extensive range of bucket options, which include both Xcentric Crusher Buckets, as well its own Boss range of buckets and screens, has also been developed to cover all of their clients’ needs. The Xcentric Crusher Bucket, in particular, has generated fantastic feedback with one client, who now has two of them, describing them as "real game changers".

These Xcentric Crusher Buckets are game changers

Boss Attachments says the Xcentric Crusher Bucket are in a class of their own with a patented circular jaw movement that ensures the material is fed through without a compacting effect and gives at least 35% greater production than conventional crusher buckets.

Xcentric International leads the world in the design and manufacture of advanced hydraulic work tools and Boss has recently added the company’s Xcentric Ripper to their wide range.

"These Xcentric Ripper are a revolution in high volume excavation and are five times more productive than conventional breakers," says Paul. "One of our rippers, operating at a major South Island construction project earlier in the year, was purchased because the D8 Cat they had been using couldn’t cut it."

A client in Sydney who recently purchased the Xcentric Ripper says they are "rapped with the XR42 performance on a critical infrastructure project where it smashed 800mm thick, heavily reinforced concrete and completed a one-month job in just six days."

Xcentric Rippers deliver masive production gains

The Boss demolition range also includes Tecna Hydraulic Breakers that have two moving parts compared with 20 or more in other brands. They also have 50% fewer components compared to competitors. As a result, the brand says that Tecna has become a must-have brand on thousands of demolition, earthmoving, construction, and mining sites all around the world.

Paul adds that rounding out this specialised demolition range are Gauss Hydraulic Circular Electromagnetic Lifters, which deliver a compact, all-in-one solution, for heavy-duty handling of iron and steel, MB Spray Cannons, which deliver better site dust control, and Remu Screening Buckets, which are the world’s most copied screening bucket.

"I think that our brand options deliver major benefit to clients, especially in regard to delivering savings through increased production and less downtime. So if you’re looking to cut costs and make more money, talk to us today about our range of proven solutions," says Paul.

For more information, visit or contact Paul Herbison on 027 290 8306.

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