Product feature: Mantall XE80CT tracked scissor lift

Equipment supplier Landex teamed up with Mantall to introduce a new tracked scissor lift into the New Zealand market, the XE80CT

The Auckland-based outfit is the Mantall distributor across New Zealand and the South Pacific. The new model is an addition to the list of available lift models Landex currently distributes in New Zealand.

The XE80CT is the latest tracked scissor lift from Mantall introduced in the NZ market

The wind-rated XE80CT has an eight-metre working height and can climb a 40% gradient with ease. High ground clearance and zero-turn capability make it an ideal machine for sites with difficult access. The tracks are non-marking, so it can work inside if required. The machine is easy to drive and can self-load the custom-built delivery trailer.

The XE-CT series of crawler-type scissor lift features rubber-tracked chassis and the imitation tank structure design allows aerial work to be done on the soft ground, removing the limitation for the aerial work platform to be constructed on hard ground.

The seamless tracks of the XE-CT lifts won’t cause damage to the ground or leave traces when turning at zero degrees. Characteristics of the rubber crawler walking system include low vibration and a comfortable ride, making it especially suitable for high-speed transfer occasions, achieving full surface passing performance.

The machine has a carrying capacity of up to 230kg

The machine produces zero emissions, and it has a powerful climbing functionality. It boasts a carrying capacity of up to 230kg, and the lifting process is stable, safe, and reliable. Featuring an on-board diagnostic system, intelligent fault alarm system, and other functions, the machine offers a strong driving force and fast traction speed.

Available with maintenance-free batteries for $24,500 + GST ex Penrose, or with the tandem, galvanised trailer with hydraulic brakes for $29,850 ex Penrose.

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