Cover Story: Hidromek 145LCSR excavator

By: Shannon Williams, Photography by: Justin Bennett

The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR has just been released worldwide The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR Quality speakers and numerous air vents The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR Wide opening service doors feature throughout The Hidromek 145LCSR
The Hidromek 145LCSR 10 The Hidromek 145LCSR 10

On a wet and rainy Auckland morning, we went to check out the new arrival at Magnum Equipment. One thing brightening up the place was the brand spanking new Hidromek 145 digger.

Liam Field, founder and director at Magnum Equipment, says the team at Magnum have been super excited for the arrival of the new machine, with lots of interest from the market with people ready to get their hands on it.

"You can’t beat experiencing the machines in person," he says. "It’s about getting butts on seats. About getting them inside the cab so they experience the true quality of these remarkable machines.

"There’s only so much footage you can watch on YouTube, only so many photos you can see in a brochure.

"Footage and images aren’t the same as getting up close, touching it, getting in the cab, seeing it with your own eyes."

Liam says until you experience a machine like the 145 in the flesh, it’s all theory. "You miss all the intricate details that you don’t get by looking at it online or in a brochure—like the seat, the window wipers, which are a first with the 145—all the little things that you just don’t think about," he explains.

"It’s not until you get inside and see it with your own eyes that you get the proof about what these amazing machines can really do."

Fieldays site

Liam Field

Liam says having the 145 at Fieldays Mystery Creek was an exciting time for the team at Magnum.

"The response was really overwhelming. You had all these people who had heard about the machine and who were coming by just so they could see it. People were comparing it to other machines in the next stand over and it was really cool to hear all the positive feedback," he says.

He adds that the response at Mystery Creek was rewarding for the team. "People were looking at the machine, the body, the size of the cab. That’s the beautiful thing about events like Fieldays and having machines on-site where people can come and have a look for themselves. They can get really hands-on. When our customers can come kick the tyres and have a tutu, have a good play with the machine, it takes it to that whole next level," he explains.

New to the portfolio

The short radius is ideal to tight sites

Magnum Equipment landed the Hidromek dealership deal in 2017. "At the time, no one knew about the machines, so we were really amped to introduced them to the market," Liam adds. 

"For us, it’s another feather in our cap having this machine," he says. "It allows us to offer the short radius that we couldn’t offer before. The 145 puts us in the game a bit more, allows us to sell a bit more. It’s an important addition to our portfolio."

He adds that the interest in the Hidromek brand speaks for itself. "Everyone wants to drive a European. They’re just a different kind of beast. The quality is higher, the fuel consumption is better, they perform better."

Liam compares the quality of the European machine to that of a European car. "It’s all in the details," he says. "The tiny details you would expect to find in a European car as opposed to a Japanese car.

"A little bit more thought goes into European cases, in my opinion," he says. "And it’s the same with the machines."


Quality is something Liam says is a top priority for the team when introducing new machines to their customers. "These machines are people’s offices. If you’re spending all day every day inside the cab of a digger, it’s got to be comfortable.

"You’ve got to have a good seat with a good air conditioner. And this air conditioner is the best one in the market. The hand controls, the windscreen washer, the window blind, the seat—all these little details are just as important as the machine itself.

"There’s ample room inside the cab and the seat is like a La-Z-Boy. It’s the creature comforts that make a big difference to your working day. You’ve got to be comfortable when you got out of that cab after a long day of hard work."

Liam implores interested customers to come and have a look at the 145 for themselves.
"Seeing is believing," he says. "Come have a look inside, get a real feel for it. When you see it in person, it makes all the difference."

Creature comforts of the Hidromek 145 cab 

  • Wide cab and easy entrance
  • Use of six viscount cabin mountings that dampen the vibrations
  • Cooled storage room
  • Colourful, easy-to-read TFT indecent monitor
  • Glass holder, book and object storage pockets
  • Full automatic digital air conditioner
  • Overclass standards on the visibility
  • Pool type floor mat
  • Improved operators comfort through versatile adjustable seat
  • Ergonomically redesigned cabin through relocated switchboard, and restyled travel pedals and levers
  • USB connected MP3 player
  • Easy-to-open front sliding glass
  • Front and rear sun visor
  • Large storage areas
  • Height adjustable joysticks
  • Improved seat to back angle
  • Height adjustable seat armrests
  • Opera Control System

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