Fieldays success for Magnum Equipment

By: Shannon Williams, Photography by: David Lott

NZ Agricultural Fieldays was the perfect platform for Magnum Equipment to display their Hidromek and Morooka brands

New Zealand Agricultural Fieldays® 2019 at Mystery Creek proved to be a huge success for the team at Magnum Equipment, with the Auckland-based outfit saying the chance to get face-to-face with potential customers a definite highlight.

Magnum Equipment are NZ distributors of Hidromek and Morooka brands

"Being able to connect with potential customers and meet people in person was a real win for the team," says Magnum Equipment founder and director, Liam Field.

"It was a brilliant opportunity to engage with end users, commercial purchasers, and other suppliers to the industry. The event overall had a great atmosphere, and those attending appeared receptive to new ideas and happy to invest in their operations," he says.

"Giving customers the chance to experience the Hidromek and Morooka machinery up close was a great feeling."

On display

Morooka MST1500VDR and MST2200VDR dump trucks were also on display

Front and centre at the Magnum Equipment stand was their suite of Hidromek excavators, including Hidromek’s standard 14-tonne excavator, the new 14-tonne zero swing excavator, as well as the Morooka MST1500VDR and MST2200VDR dump trucks.

"The Morooka 2200vdr sold on-site at Fieldays and is on its way to its new owner as we speak. That was really exciting," Liam says. He adds he was stoked with the amount of interest the Magnum Equipment site got over the duration of Fieldays.

"Building a brand’s reputation is no easy feat, but with the right high-quality product and service you can trust, it becomes a lot more straightforward," he says.

"We had many visitors hear about us through Deals on Wheels and had come to see our machines in person, so we were really pleased about that."

Liam says they are still working hard to get through all of the enquiries the team received following Fieldays.

The Morooka MST1500VDR has a carrying capacity of seven tonnes, while the larger MST2200VDR has 11 tonnes

"Hidromek sells itself once you get an operator inside," he says. "They know it’s the best thing on the market as soon as they start using it."

He says that while the site was busy, the team was prepared. "We had a vision and it really came to life," he says. "Leading up to the event was all check-lists and making sure we didn’t miss anything. The only challenge was to stop getting too excited and overdo it.

"It was challenging getting to sleep every night in the lead-up. I kept waking up thinking of how I could make the stand better. We have already started planning for 2020, so yeah you could say we are pretty excited," Liam says. "It’s going to be even bigger than this year."

Family values

The Magnum Equipment team

Established in 2001, Magnum Equipment is a big family company and Liam says that everyone who works there has for a long time.

"Being able to get along to Fieldays and show people that we are different from most meant a whole lot to us all," explains Liam. "We really value our customers and we wanted to show them that while we talk the talk when it comes to Hidromek and Morooka, getting out there proved we walk the walk, too.

"We aren’t just some company trying to gain numbers; we really believe in the two brands we promote as they are the best of the best," he says. He adds that when a customer purchases a Hidromek or Morooka from Magnum Equipment, they are joining the family.

Hidromek HMK220LC with double boom

"We are transparent and only want the best for our family members. I think that really showed at our stand. We sat down and had a beer or coffee with people who are already a part of ‘Club Hidromek’ and those who are keen on joining," he says.

Liam says family plays a central role for the company and this showed at Fieldays, too. "The team all enjoyed being able to get out of the normal work routine and have a family trip away, while also being able to connect with potential customers and meet people face to face," he explains.

"But one of the highlights for us was watching all the kids, who came along with their parents, really getting into what we had on show. Their faces lit up when they realised they could climb the stairs that our workshop manager Deane Pownall cleverly made for each machine and sit inside the Hidromeks and Morookas we had on display," Liam says.

"There definitely were some future machine operators in that crowd, and their parents looked very proud too," he says. "We were a huge hit with kids; it was heart-warming to see them so happy."


Liams says the Magnum Equipment stand definitely stood out from the crowd. "I am so proud with how our stand turned out; it looked great and really drew people in. The screen showcasing a heap of our product videos gave people the chance to see the machines in action.

Liam says Magnum Equipment is a small company filled with huge personalities. "Once people came and visited the stand, they were greeted with a huge smile and some good banter that didn’t come across as too strong because no one likes feeling stood over or pressured by sales reps," he explains.

"We just sat back and let people have a play inside—they are all operators, so they knew what they were looking for and we were all more than happy to answer any questions they may have had when they were ready to be approached."

The team on-site at Fieldays included Mr Morooka himself and a Morooka rep, as well as a Hidromek representative, who were able to answer all questions to do with their products. Liam says Fieldays continues to exceed his expectations.

"The event itself continues to deliver a bigger and better execution with every year, and 2019 was no exception. There was something to excite exhibitors and show attendees right from the time they entered Mystery Creek," he says.

He adds that the next 12 months are looking positive for the Magnum Equipment team.  "There’s a lot happening over the next year, so watch this space."

Fieldays display

The 145LCSR (long carriage, short radius) model is the latest addition to Magnum Equipment’s Hidromek range

Hidromek HMK145LCSR

Hidromek’s brand-new 14-tonne zero swing excavator comes with a long carriage. It can operate in restricted areas without sacrificing cab space or power.

Hidromek HMK220LC double boom excavator

A new double boom can be put on any size excavator Hidromek makes and helps operators excavate like never before. The bucket can be brought right up to the blade and provides extra reach that a standard boom doesn’t offer.

Hidromek HMK330LC excavator

Hidromek’s 30-tonne excavator fitted with Leica Icon excavate geosystems. This advanced positioning system allows operators to know exactly what they are about to dig into and how much to cut into the dirt, down to the last millimetre, making it safe and efficient. The incredibly smart device saves operators and developers headaches over mistakes that could have been avoided. 

Hidromek HMK140LC excavator

Hidromek’s standard 14-tonne excavator. Affordable, efficient, and a solid player for contractors who require top performance. 

Morooka MST1500VDR

Morookas 360-degree rotating dump truck on their famous rubber tracks. It has a 7-tonne payload and a lot of power.

Morooka MST220VDR

Morooka’s 360-degree rotating dump truck on the famous rubber tracks. It has an 11-tonne payload and a lot of power. This machine sold on site at Fieldays, and is already on route to its new owner. 

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Watch Magnum Equipment at Fieldays 2019

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