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Montabert breaking equipment The Montabert range is suitable for both small and big jobs Montabert breaking equipment
Montabert breaking equipment 2 CablePrice has been the NZ distributors of the Montabert breakers since the 1990s Montabert breaking equipment 2
Montabert breaking equipment 3 Montabert breakers come standard as Metro-Silenced, providing low noise emission Montabert breaking equipment 3
Montabert breaking equipment 4 Light breakers are an ideal attachment for mini-excavators Montabert breaking equipment 4

Since 1921, Montabert has been at the forefront of breaking equipment, with a wide range of attachments on offer

Mining, rock quarrying, site preparation, land reclamation and demolition are Montabert’s mission. Since the 1990s, CablePrice has been the Montabert breakers distributor in New Zealand. 

The ‘Sliver Clip’ (SC) range of light breakers is popular when working on smaller jobs such as breaking concrete to access a gas or water pipe. A customer favourite is the SC12 with its 1.2 to 2.2-tonne operating weight. Plumbers and contractor favour this range as it’s an ideal attachment for mini-excavators. Distributors say the SC12 is a perfect match for the Hitachi ZX17U-5 excavator.

For the considerably larger jobs, Montabert has the ‘V’ range, suitable for mining and quarrying. This heavy-duty range is designed for excavators weighing more than 18 tonnes and is said to have the right amount of energy and frequency variation to perform no matter what ground hardness.

As well as their wide attachment range, Montabert breakers come standard as Metro-Silenced, providing low noise emissions, which makes them ideal for contractors working in inner cities and residential areas.

They can also be supplied, in certain models, with air kits that allow for underwater work. The breakers also have considerable shock absorbers to provide the operator with much-needed comfort on the job.

To find out more about what Montabert breaker is best suited to your business or for more information, contact your local CablePrice equipment sales specialist on 0800 555 456, e-mail, or visit to see the full range.

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