Product profile: Sumitomo SH130LC-6 excavator

The Sumitomo SH130LC-6 excavator proves it can do a lot more for a lot less for Otorohanga-based contractor Paul Wolvers

Otorohanga-based contractor Paul Wolvers knew he’d made the right decision when he bought his Sumitomo SH130LC-6 excavator earlier this year.

Paul says the Sumitomo has more grunt than expected from an excavator this size

"I talked to several different suppliers before settling on a Sumitomo," Paul says. "My main reasons for purchasing the SH13OLC-6 included its greater power, its longer reach, and its track frame. The Tier 3 engine works really well. It also helps having the Hamilton branch of AB Equipment branch close by.

"The Sumitomo certainly has more grunt than you would expect from an excavator this size.

"The cabin has climate air and has a perspex roof, which means you can identify overhead objects such as power lines and anything else above you that could prove a hazard, without having to move out of your seat. It’s also easy to access when it comes to doing oil changes and servicing in general."

Paul runs the new Sumitomo in conjunction with another opposition brand, which he has had since he started his business 15 years ago. While the older excavator runs well, he says he prefers the Sumitomo SH130LC-6 because it can do a lot more for a lot less.

Paul has been operating excavators since leaving school at 17 and has worked in the industry for more than 40 years. He was inspired to go out on his own when his younger brother was unable to work due to health reasons, and so Paul took it upon himself to tidy up around his brother’s goat farm.

A recent project saw the Sumitomo excavator break a 10-tonne chain

He started with a second-hand excavator, working around the local area from Te Kuiti north throughout the King Country/Waikato region and now has a business, which also includes a truck and tractors and a bulldozer.

The nature of his business is such that the excavator is used throughout a wide variety of applications, including building effluent ponds, tree work, digging drains, and backfilling as well as demolition. Moving houses and sheds into position on new sites is another aspect of his business. According to Paul, a recent project saw the Sumitomo break a 10-tonne chain.

"That just proves how powerful the SH130LC-6 is," Paul says. "AB Equipment are really good to work with," he says. "You can call them anywhere, anytime pretty much 24 hours day, and what’s more, I have a full team of people I can contact. Any problems, they get on to it straight away, which is very reassuring. I can’t speak highly enough of the AB Equipment Hamilton branch.

"AB Equipment were more than happy to accommodate my special requests when setting up the digger. As an example, AB Equipment recently added tinted windows and since then I have had nothing but positive comments on how good the machine looks. Overall, I’m very happy with the Sumitomo product and AB Equipment and would buy another Sumitomo without hesitation."

For more information, contact AB Equipment on 0800 30 30 90 for the location of your nearest AB Equipment branch throughout New Zealand.

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