Product feature: Pacific CC20 compactor

The 20-tonne Pacific machine was the answer for Allan Cameron who was looking for a better, more efficient way to compact fill

Looking to find a better, more efficient way to compact fill led experienced contractor, operator, and business owner Allan Cameron on a decade-long journey that has culminated in the New Zealand-developed Pacific Compactor.

The 20-tonne Pacific machine features innovative characteristics

Powered by a 179kW (240hp) Cummins engine through a ZF transmission, the 20-tonne Pacific machine features innovative characteristics that its designer says allows the machine to burn up to 19% less fuel than comparable brands while compressing raw material more efficiently.

"We started back in the 1990s modifying Caterpillar 815s and 825s, where first we built spring-loaded cleaning system that really made a difference. The second thing was to cast new wide feet. That was a real game changer, gaining another 25% in drag reduction. We then had a very productive tool that was sold in six countries," Allan says.

Pacific compactor designers have cast new feet incorporating a high ground pressure cap

With the new Pacific compactors, the developments have been refined even further, with a floating cleaning system so the trailing cleaner can no longer compress material against the drum, and the number of feet has been reduced further so every foot has equal efficiency.

Pacific compactor designers have also cast new feet incorporating a high ground pressure cap, which Allan says effectively doubles the ground pressure as the foot enters the material then evens out as the drums continue turning. As the fill tightens up the caps do their job again, leaving a tight finish.

The new compactors do the job with ease

"We began with the Cats, then continued with new Hyundais. Now, we have reached our destination with an efficient yet simple compactor, which does the job with ease and sells for half the price of other new compactors, and with a two-year warranty," Allan says.

Pacific CC20 compactor specifications

Engine Cummins 6CTA8.3-C240
Net power 179kW (240hp)
Torque 1143Nm 
Hydraulics 17Mpa
Fuel tank  410L
Length  6950mm 
Height  3520mm
Width  3500mm 

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