Product feature: Terex CBI range

The Terex CBI name has become synonymous with performance and reliability in a broad range of grinding, shredding, chipping, and flailing applications

As the New Zealand agents for Terex Ecotec and Evoquip screening machinery, Mobile Screening & Crushing (MSC) also offers the Terex CBI range of materials processing equipment.

CBI Magnum Force Disc Chipper 754

The Terex CBI name has become synonymous with performance and reliability in a broad range of grinding, shredding, chipping, and flailing applications the world over, giving Terex Environmental Equipment a robust, dependable, and cost-efficient solution to its line of horizontal grinders, chippers, and shredders. 

MSC recently spent time at the Terex CBI company headquarters in the US and were impressed when visiting sites operating CBI pre-screeners and chippers. L.V. Dohnt and Company in Nangwarry, South Australia specialises in in-field chipping and has been a constant fixture in South Australia’s forestry industry for more than 85 years.

With that kind of experience, the family-owned business understands the small details of their operation with precision and knows what it takes to deliver elite performance. They’ve kept their CBI 754 Disc Chipper in such good condition that it’s chipped more than 1,324,589 tonnes with no signs of slowing down.

CBI 604 Flail Debarker

CBI Magnum Flail

Anyone producing paper-quality chips is going to have to debark logs first, which is why the CBI Magnum Force 604 Flail Debarker is designed to couple with the disc chipper.

Combining the flail with the disc chipper, L.V Dohnt’s in-field chipping operation processes large diameter logs into mill quality chips. CBI’s four roll flail chamber design helps provides optimum contact with wood, while a full-width, heavy-duty chain curtain wipes debris loose from logs before leaving the chamber, discharging bark residue from the side while producing what the company says is a perfectly flailed log.

CBI 754 Disc Chipper

L.V. Dohnt’s CBI 754 Disc Chipper is still in excellent condition after chipping more than a million tonnes

Designed to be coupled with the 604 Flail Debarker, the 754 Disc Chipper is capable of processing more than 150 tonnes an hour. The 75-inch (19,151.6mm) diameter, four-knife chipper disc can produce uniform wood chips from 5/8 inches (15.87mm) to one inch (25.4mm).

Superior ground clearance and vertical chute options with a 250-degree range of rotation ensure the chipper can be positioned for trucks even on the narrowest of landings.

CBI 7544 Flail and Disc Chipper

CBI Magnum Flail and Chipper

Combining the CBI Magnum Force Flail 604 and the CBI Magnum Force 754 Disc Chipper, the newly-released 7544 Flail Debarker and Disc Chipper combo offers a standalone solution for professionals who need maximum debarking and high-quality chip production all in one unit.

The machine comes standard with three flails and the option to add a fourth for whole tree debarking. The 7544 is 53-inch (1346.2mm)long, whereas the 604 and 754 combo is 72.4 inches (1838.96mm). Powered by a CAT C-32 1200hp engine, operators can count on top-quality performance and production.

For more details, contact Andy from Mobile Screening & Crushing NZ on 027 493 9098 or  Dan on 027 225 5838.

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