Product feature: Bobcat E35 R Series mini excavator

Temuka-based Sullivan Contracting recently took delivery of a Bobcat E35 R Series mini excavator

Owner Rusty Sullivan, a big fan of Bobcat, was offered a pre-purchase trial by New Zealand distributor AB Equipment. According to Rusty, this merely confirmed the fact that it was the digger for him.

Operators can also boost their digging performance on the E35 mini excavator with a long arm option or a clamp

Rusty has been around excavators most of his life, so the first thing that stood out for him was the size of the cab, particularly the width of the doorway.

"For a guy of my build, I certainly appreciate a good roomy cab and the fact that I can get in and out of the machine with ease makes a big difference," he says.

"Apart from the extra legroom, I like the fact that Bobcat are truly focused on making the operator feel at home. Things such as easy-to-operate controls, advanced climate control, and lower noise levels certainly tells me that Bobcat recognises that if an operator is comfortable, then they’ll be more attentive and productive." 

The latest generation of Bobcat excavators features a hydraulic system that increases reliability, efficiency, and precision control, yet retaining the well-known Bobcat tradition for digging and lifting power. Operators can also boost their digging performance on the E35 mini excavator with a long arm option or a clamp.

"I chose the very long reach, which means that I now have the capability of being able to extend the boom arm to nearly 3.5 metres," Rusty says. "This helps for trenching and cable laying work and the fact that I do a lot of soak holes and septic tanks means that I am now able to dig down to that level in one movement.

"The big benefits for me with this machine are its dig-out force and power. It’s much better than any other digger around and speedier, too. In comparison to other machines, it fair hums along.

The Bobcat E35 mini excavator excels on-job sites where space is confined

"This machine is very versatile and with the full range of attachments I have, such as hydraulic clamps, buckets, breakers, and augers, it’s allowing me to get the most out of my machine. One thing I’ll say about Bobcat is that they build them strong and heavy. They’re built like a tank and with 5mm plates all around, they are very hard to damage."

A popular choice in the three- to four-tonne class, the Bobcat E35 mini excavator excels on-job sites where space is confined, such as next to buildings, walls, and other obstacles.

The zero-tail swing gives operators unrestricted rotation, greater flexibility, and reduced potential for damage to the machine and surrounding property. According to Rusty, a zero-tail swing excavator that is well balanced is an advantage when operating around tight new house sites. The rubber tracks are also invaluable when doing this type of work.

Sullivan Contracting’s core business is irrigation, general contracting and farm maintenance, driveways, and new house foundations. Rusty says the E35 mini excavator is the ideal size for this type of work. The company has three other brand machines, which Rusty hires out, preferring to use the Bobcat for his own contracting projects.

"As for AB Equipment, they’re really good to deal with; can’t fault them at all," he says. "They provide excellent service and go above and beyond the call of duty. Any problem is sorted out quickly and efficiently."

For more information or a demonstration of the new Bobcat E35 mini excavator, contact AB Equipment on 0800 30 30 90 for the location of your nearest Bobcat dealer or AB Equipment branch in New Zealand.

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