The new and improved Wedgelock coupler

The latest offering in the Wedgelock tilting quick coupler range features the Next Generation Powertilt® technology

Since manufacturing its first tilt coupler way back in the mid-1990s, Wedgelock have contributed heavily to the construction industry’s need for more versatility in its heavy machinery.


Coupler chassis being painted in the Upper Hutt factory prior to final assembly

The latest offering in the Wedgelock tilting quick coupler range features the Next Generation Powertilt® technology from the world’s largest manufacturer of Rotary Actuators, Helac®, and is available now in all weight classes from 2.5 tonnes right up to 45 tonnes.

The Next Generation Powertilt actuator is smaller, tighter, tougher, and more powerful than ever before, so it’s understandable that Wedgelock is keen to incorporate these new motors into their latest designs of I-Lock® tilt coupler.

I-Lock 210 NG Tilt Coupler fresh off the assembly line

The NG I-Lock couplers feature simplified internal hose routing, which places the hose connections on top of the coupler, in the protected space between the ears, with internal hydraulic lines conveying the oil supply to the I-Lock coupler below.

This eliminates the need for vulnerable external hoses and the heavy steel hose guards that are required to protect them from damage. The new Powertilt actuator also features hardened seal and bearing surfaces to improve longevity and increase reliability. 

But the biggest improvement with the new technology comes from its performance, where greater levels of torque give the tilt mechanism much improved holding force. Operators will be quick to appreciate the increased power available across the full range of tilt angles.

As the Next Generation Powertilt actuators have been rolled out through the various weight classes, Wedgelock have immediately incorporated them in their products, and now with the addition of the 210 Class Next Generation (20–23 tonnes) tilt coupler, the range is complete. 

Newly installed I-Lock Tilt Coupler on carrier machine

Coupled with the patented I-Lock latching mechanism—the world’s fastest-to-safety dual-locking system—Wedgelock’s range of NG I-Lock Tilt Couplers are ready for any job. 

All Wedgelock tilt couplers, together with standard hydraulic and mechanical couplers, digging and cleaning buckets, quarry buckets, tilting buckets, thumbs, spades and rippers, are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and overseas.

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