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By: Vivienne Haldane, Photography by: Vivienne Haldane

Deals on Wheels caught up with Equip2 to find out more about the Keestrack H4e that’s recently arrived in New Zealand

Equip2 sales manager, Bert Hart and marketing manager, Jacob Hart are excited about their latest machine—the Keestrack H4e mobile cone crusher, which they anticipate will gain interest from potential buyers when it goes on display at an open day planned for 28 November 2018 in Masterton.

The electric-diesel drive saves fuel and adds power

Robust workhorse

The H4e’s on-board features are what makes it appealing to a quarry or mining operator; Bert describes it as a game changer. Coupled with extensive research and the latest technology, Keestrack has engineered a frontline machine.

The H4e is compact and mobile

The result is a robust workhorse that is compact and mobile, highly productive yet economical, has remote control operation, low noise emission, and comes with multiple safety features. In fact, it offers all you’d possibly want in a mobile crusher and much more.


Three spec’d products on the ground from one machine

The H4e has a Volvo diesel engine (345kW (EU-IV/328kW fixed speed EU-IIIA), driving a 330kVa alternator, providing power to the 132kW electric motor of the crusher drive, the individual belt drives, and to the separate 45kW E-motor/pump for all hydraulic drives on the plant: tracks, fans, screens, and hydraulic cylinders.

The electric-diesel drive is one of the standout features, offering not only fuel saving but also added power and efficiencies.

"Having electric drive to the crusher gives more horsepower and adds about 30% more production to the crusher, too," Bert says. 

Jacob Hart and Bert Hart

As noted, the dual diesel-electric motor enables considerable cost-saving/fuel economy. Bert estimates it saves up to 60% compared to conventional diesel-hydraulic plants.

"It works out to around 27–35 litres per hour where normally a machine like this would run at 60 litres per hour," he says.

The plant can operate fully on plug-in from mains or its own on-board Genset. The H4e engine bay unit can be lifted off and placed in a safe, dust-free environment, and operated remotely.

"Having the motor away from dust decreases maintenance," Jacob says. Mobility around a quarry and to other sites (the unit is hydraulically foldable for transport and service) further helps in the operation.

Tripe deck

The large hopper and high-capacity KT-H4 cone crusher

The H4e also has a triple deck after-screen that gives four splits. "This allows for four different grades of material to be produced in one go: three at once with the fourth returning to the hopper to be re-crushed. Getting three products on the ground from one machine is a massive bonus," Jacob says.

"It’s like two machines in one, which makes it easier to operate. Normally, you’d have a cone crusher and another screen; this has taken away the need for that. It also cuts transport costs since you don’t need to truck several machines to a site."


Extra large LCD control panel and radio remote

Training is an important part of Equip2’s commitment to service. "We offer two to three days training for a machine like the H4e to cover its operation and maintenance," Bert says.

"Crushing rock is not an easy task, so maintenance is critical. We go over in-depth with the customer and their team on how to run the machine at optimum performance and how to maintain the machine properly as well as instructing them on best practices and health and safety around these powerful units.

"It takes about two to three weeks to get used to the machine, after which they may have more queries, so it’s timely to do more training at 100 hours."

Audit Program

Equip2 recently introduced the Audit Program on all new crushers sold. "Every 500 hours, we do an Equip2 audit check that consists of four stages," Bert says.

"Every six months/500 hours, a technician will be on-site for a full machine performance and maintenance audit. During each visit, the technician will perform a full equipment inspection, make minor adjustments as required, and provide any additional training required.

"The Equip2 Audit Program is designed to increase the reliability and performance of your crushing operation and provide you with confidence that your equipment will perform when and as required."

Jacob adds, "Training is all about optimisation. If you get another one to two percent out of your machine, that equals more profit."

Partnering with Keestrack

Equip2 has partnered closely with Keestrack since 2012. "We’ve known about the new cone crusher for three years and because we are more remote in New Zealand, we wanted to make sure it was really proven on the home ground first," Bert says.

"We’ve been to Europe, the US, and Canada to see the H4e working, which is good because they have a range of dense, hard rocks there, so we’ve seen it do a thorough workout and proven itself."

Equip2 philosophy

Joe Hart started Hiremax, an equipment hire business, in 2003, which then developed into Attach2 (excavator attachments) and Equip2 (screening and crushing equipment).

The Hart family fosters a positive and progressive business ethos and are committed to helping their clients (and their staff) achieve the best possible results.

"It’s an awesome industry. Our passion is machinery and seeing small miracles happen inside these machines and beautiful product coming out," Bert says.

"When we visit a quarry owner, we look at what they want to produce, and then go away and work out the best solution for them. What the owners are looking for at the end of the day is profitability." Being specialists in quarry machinery also defines the Equip2 business.

Jacob explains, "We don’t do diggers, loaders, or dumpers. Our dedicated technicians know exactly what the machine is when they attend to it. We have service vehicles that can be readily deployed should any problems arise.

We understand how important machine up-time is for the end user. There is nothing worse than having an expensive machine not working because that can easily cost up to $30,000 a day.

"We make sure we have good parts readily available should our clients need them. We are also big on machine optimisation, ensuring a machine is doing the right job for the right people."

Keestrack H4e cone crusher Diesel/electric drive specifications

Engine Volvo 1354 GE fixed speed Emission stage Tier 3
Removable engine/generator compartment 3
Fuel tank  793L
Hydraulic tank  700L
Hopper volume 8m3
The KT-H4 cone crusher  Produces 250tph at maximum sizes of 185mm 
Optional 3-deck screen  3.600mm x 1.500mm

Optional pre-screen

1.200mm x1.800mm

Up to 250 tonnes/hour

Remote controller radio

For all operation functions and
track drive

Track length  3.815mm, track shoe width 400mm, and 2-speed track drive

Web portal, real-time access to diesel machine; GPS system gives reports of machine/ production data that is transferable  worldwide

Construction Domex, heavy-duty steel frame 
Transport width 3m
Transport weight  50T (approx.)
Operation Crushing of river gravel 32/180 down to 0/6mm, 6/12mm and 12/22mm; productivity final product up to 150tph; can be used in primary, secondary, tertiary, or quaternary crushing
Max digging depth 2438mm

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