Product feature: Calibre's Sure-Grip coupler

SG coupler a 1 The new range allows a quick and easy attach and detach mechanism SG coupler a 1
tilt bucket single ram c The Sure-Grip coupler is a step up from the JBA Multi-Coupler series tilt bucket single ram c

The new Sure-Grip Coupler allows a one-step connection and disconnection process, representing the latest in quick-hitch technology

Calibre recently introduced the next generation coupler, the Sure-Grip, which features a new design and is a step up from the JBA Multi-Coupler series that formed the basis of the JB Attachments’ Coupler range from 2008 until its name change to Calibre.

Calibre is introducing the Sure-Grip Performance Package, which consists of both the new Sure-Grip Coupler and the Calibre Tilt Bucket­—a combination of attachments that work seamlessly together.

Calibre is known to innovate keeping the end user in mind. Through well-designed excavator attachments, Calibre aims to provide options for customers to work with easy-to-use tools in quicker and more efficient ways.

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The Sure-Grip Performance Package is Calibre’s latest example.The Sure-Grip Performance Package is inclusive of the Calibre Smart Valve, which is said to be a revolutionary, performance-enhancing tool.

It also follows the same twin ram design as Calibre’s Ram-Tilt Couplers, designed to improve efficiency and productivity for the end user.

The Sure-Grip combined with the Calibre Tilt Bucket, introduces a robust, durable one-step combination, which is built to handle even the most demanding working conditions.

Known to lead the industry in tiling mechanisms, Calibre is confident the Sure-Grip Performance Package takes excavator attachments to the next level.

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