Old School Trucks: Golden Bay Cement

By: Dean Middleton, Photography by: Dean Middleton

Golden Bay 1 Christchurch-based contractor the late Dave Bennett contracted several Macks to Golden Bay Cement back in the late ’80s and ’90s, including this CH Golden Bay 1
Golden Bay 2 Another similar CH Mack from the Dave Bennett fleet that was purchased second-hand from fuel company owner-operator Golden Bay 2
Golden Bay 3 The Flagship of Dave Bennett’s fleet was this superb Mack CL Elite complete with sleeper Golden Bay 3
Golden Bay 4 Dave Bennet also ran this RB Mack for a time, which remained in the previous owner’s colours Golden Bay 4
Golden Bay 5 Motueka-based Concrete and Metals have towed Golden Bay Cement powder for decades. This VHZ Isuzu was pictured in the Motueka yard back in the late ’80s. Golden Bay 5
Golden Bay 6 Concrete and Metals have had many trucks in Golden Bay cement colours, including this CH Mack ‘Torque of the Town’ Golden Bay 6
Golden Bay 7 This sister truck CH Mack was based in Rangiora Golden Bay 7
Golden Bay 8 ‘Torque of the Bay’ was Concrete and Metals Nissan Diesel CW440 Golden Bay 8
Golden Bay 9 Concrete and Metals’ Rangiora-based Mack Granite pictured brand-new in 2010 Golden Bay 9
Golden Bay 10 Several UD Quons were commissioned by Concrete and Metals in 2012/13 Golden Bay 10
Golden Bay 11 One of the UD Quon sister trucks Golden Bay 11
Golden Bay 12 Concrete and Metals also ran this International 7600 on bulk cement tanker duties Golden Bay 12
Golden Bay 13 Toll NZ have been involved in carting Golden Bay Cement ISO tank containers since 2013 and now focus on the lower parts of the South Island Golden Bay 13
Golden Bay 14 Contractors have long been used in the North Island as well as this Chinook Bulk Haulage T408 Kenworth attests to Golden Bay 14
Golden Bay 15 Whangarei-based contractors KJ and N Sketchley’s ominous-looking Western Star pictured back in 2018 Golden Bay 15
Golden Bay 16 A company-owned CF 85 DAF cruising up Auckland’s Southern Motorway Golden Bay 16
Golden Bay 17 Seven new company trucks hit the road in 2018, including this R500 Golden Bay 17
Golden Bay 18 This FH Volvo was another truck from the batch of seven and got the Fletchers’ rainbow treatment Golden Bay 18
Golden Bay 19 Ironically, the last Golden Bay Cement liveried truck I photographed was this refurbished 1989 R-Model at a truck rally in October of this year Golden Bay 19

Golden Bay Cement has a history that can be traced back to 1909

Golden Bay Cement has a history that can be traced back to 1909 when the company had a somewhat humble cement plant in Golden Bay in the far north of the South Island. This was a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cement powder produced by the Portland Cement Plant near Whangarei these days.

The trucks, of course, are where my interest lies and being from Christchurch, the most common Golden Bay Cement trucks back in the ’90s were ran by local contractor, the late Dave Bennett.

Dave ran several Mack trucks, several CH models, and an RB, but the flagship was a sleeper cabbed CL Elite, which was big gear in its day. Motueka-based Concrete and Metals Limited was another good stop for pics for Golden Bay contracted trucks in the ’90s and many of their trucks were based further south in the 2000s. 

A mixture of company tucks and contractors have long taken care of the Golden Bay cement requirements in the North Island, and back in 2013, Toll New Zealand undertook a significant amount of work delivering cement powder via ISO tank containers predominantly in the South Island.

However, in more recent times, Golden Bay Cement have put their own company resources back into delivering a large portion of this work themselves. Aside from the many Golden Bay Cement bulk tankers we see plying our roads, the company has an incredible 830 ISO tank containers in circulation, which are railed to major centres and delivered from various railheads across the country. With a network this big, Golden Bay Cement have certainly ‘cemented’ their place as one of the New Zealand’s leading cement powder suppliers.

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