Product feature: Morooka tracked dumpers

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

With dry weather almost a distant memory, the time of the year has come for Morooka tracked dumpers to show their mettle on soon-to-be saturated job sites

Preparation is the key to ensuring any earthworks can continue operating during the autumn and winter months. Heck, even into late spring, digging and moving spoil can be a problem and until the ground really starts drying up, tracked dumpers are pretty much in a league of their own.

Due to site size or consent conditions, sometimes there’s no way around closing a job up for winter, but on the other hand, there are many other sites that can or could keep working with the right tools.

Morookas are ideal for water-saturated work sites

Magnum Equipment provides contractors with those right tools with its selection of Morooka tracked dumpers. Available for purchase or hire through sister business Magnum Hire, there are several different-sized models suited for job sites of all sizes. More on them shortly.

With origins dating back to their creation and subsequent manufacture in Japan, Morooka technology combines robust performance with groundbreaking adaptability. Their use on awkward, steep, or water-saturated job sites can be a fundamental game-changer for anyone requiring dependable off-road material transport.

Engineered to manoeuvre easily across challenging terrains, the not-so-secret brilliance of Morooka tracked dumpers lies in the proven track-type design, which along with their Bridgestone-designed rubber tracks exert a mere 33kPa ground pressure.

As a comparison, a 130kg big boy standing on one foot exerts around 55kPa, so it’s easy to understand why Morookas can often be seen working when everything else is parked up; it grants them a definitive edge, enabling work in conditions that would be impossible for traditional dumpers.

The advanced track design gives Morookas a definitive edge over traditional dumpers

"As we see it, Morooka tracked dumpers are not merely machines but strategic assets that can significantly influence the viability of a project by accessing previously unreachable areas," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.

Under the hood, Morookas come equipped with engines designed for durability and power, while seemingly not forgetting to remain relatively economical to run, with well-known providers, such as Cummins and Caterpillar delivering reliable diesel-powered energy.

From the compact carriers ideal for narrow and restricted spaces to the large movers that dominate large-scale construction locales, Magnum Hire’s selection can cater to a wide spectrum of load capacities and operational requirements.


The little MST200VDR is ideal for tight sites

The largest model in Magnum Hire’s rental fleet is the robust MST2200VDR model capable of carrying a maximum payload of 11 tonnes. There’s also a selection of three smaller models, down to the little MST200VDR that carries an impressive two-tonne load and is ideal for tight urban projects.

All models feature an all-important 360-degree rotating tipping upper body, ensuring ground disturbance is kept to a minimum and allows for additional site safety by minimising the need to reverse the direction of the machine.

Operationally, as expected with a premium brand, all models of Morooka are simple to use and contain numerous safety features, such as blind spot mirrors or cameras, along with rollover protection and engine kill switches.

"For operators who require the safest and best in terrain agility and load-carrying proficiency, it’s clear that Morooka tracked dumpers are unrivalled champions in their class. They underline the promise of delivering results no matter the weather, gradient, or job type," says Liam.

For more information, contact Liam Field at 021 334 098 or Luke Field at 021 988 223 or

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