Chippers and processing: Komplet Krokodile

Powered by a 160kW (220hp) Volvo Penta engine, the Komplet Krokodile is engineered to tackle a broad spectrum of materials

The Komplet Krokodile can achieve a throughput rate of approximately 35 cubic metres per hour

During a recent three-hour trial at Ward Demolition’s yard in Onehunga, the Sanland Equipment-supplied Komplet Krokodile shredder demonstrated its capability to aggressively manage a mixture of soft C&D waste, achieving a throughput rate of approximately 35 cubic metres per hour.

The trial run showcased the machine’s ability to process traditional waste streams efficiently and adapt to challenging materials, such as green waste, steel drums, and rubber sheets.

The fuel consumption during the continuous shredding was measured at approximately 30 litres per hour while boasting a fuel tank capacity that supports eight hours of uninterrupted operation.

The adjustable height feature of the Krokodile simplifies the task of waste discharge directly into bins, making the waste handling process more efficient and reducing the need for manual intervention.

Another noteworthy design element is the tilting rear hopper, which optimises material feed into the shredder for consistent and efficient processing.

Metal is also separated cleanly with an overband magnet. The Komplet Krokodile shredder stands at what its distributor says is pinnacle of waste processing technology, embodying innovation, efficiency, and versatility.

Powered by a 160kW (220hp) Volvo Penta engine, the machine is engineered to tackle a broad spectrum of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal sheets.

Easy to operate in restricted sites

Weighing 14 tonnes and equipped with advanced mobility features, such as tracks and a skip bin-type hook, the Krokodile combines the power necessary for high-capacity processing with manoeuvrability, allowing it to access and easily operate within size-restricted sites.

The machine can process upto 150tph C&D waste and 15tph general waste

The shredder can process around 15 tonnes per hour of wood and general waste. With a quick change of shafts, it can process up to 150 tonnes per hour of concrete and heavy C&D waste.

The inclusion of a simple radio remote control system underscores its user-friendly approach, enabling efficient operation by a single individual. The shredder’s height can be adjusted to facilitate direct discharge into waste bins, further streamlining the waste-handling process and reducing set-up requirements.

"The Krokodile shredder can create numerous possibilities for operations looking to diminish the bulk density of waste for easier transport and disposal or transform waste into valuable products through recycling," the brand says.  

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