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Specialist attachment hire business Robur Hire has recently added to their range portfolio by taking over the distributorship of Dipperfox stump crushers in NZ

The Dipperfox stump crushers are ideal for those in forestry

Known for their robust build quality, Dipperfox stump crushers can be quickly attached to suitably piped excavators and skid steers.

They operate by removing stumps through the use of a slow-speed rotating head equipped with two removable cutting blades.

The stump crushers are available in three sizes: 850 Pro, 600 Pro, and 400 Pro

Available in three sizes — 850 Pro, 600 Pro, and 400 Pro — means there are models available for machines up to 30 tonnes.

"The attachments can be easily fitted to excavators with auxiliary piping, right down to small excavators and skids steers," says Robur Hire owner Clem Simpkin.

The low noise output makes the stump crushers an ideal choice for urban environments

One of the biggest advantages for Dipperfox stump crushers, when compared to traditional stump grinders, is their low noise output, making them an ideal choice for urban environments and significantly reducing loud noise for operators.

Additionally, the job site is made considerably safer when using Dipperfox stump crushers, as the maximum rotation speed is 60rpm, compared to a traditional stump grinder, which can operate at speeds above 500rpm.

"The slow speed-cutting action of the Dipperfox stump crushers means that chips of wood are not being thrown at high velocity across the job site," says Clem.

"Owners of normal stump grinders can also get used to a reduction in maintenance costs when purchasing a Dipperfox," says Clem. "With just the two replaceable cutting blades, there aren’t multiple teeth spinning at high speed to break off."

The slow rotation of a Dipperfox stump crusher allows operators to quickly stop what they are doing if they hit a buried foreign object.

"While they operate at slow speed, they can easily outpace a normal stump grinder," says Clem. An optional extra for buyers of a Dipperfox stump crusher is the cone splitter, which enables users to split logs lengthwise.

The cone splitter is an option extra

It takes 15 minutes to swap out the stump crusher for the cone splitter, according to Dipperfox. "We’re excited to be able to hire and sell these units in New Zealand," says Clem.

"We already have some on the water, and I had one airfreighted here, so we could have something to show interested customers. For those in the forestry or stump removal business, these attachments are an ideal and safe-to-use piece of machinery."

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