Couplers and attachments: OilQuick quick coupler

Using the OilQuick automatic quick coupler system is not only about being efficient, but it can also open a business up to new ways of carrying out their day-to-day work

The OilQuick is fitted to a new Hyundai HX145CR

Designed to be used in the world of construction and demolition, the OilQuick system allows for the changing of attachments in mere seconds directly from the operator’s cab.

The automatic coupler system negates the need for the excavator operator to climb out of the machine to disconnect or reconnect the hydraulic hoses. The attachment can be swapped out with another attachment at the flick of a switch.

Gone are the extended pauses in the workday for operators to swap out hoses, which, in some cases, can take up to 15 minutes for attachments with numerous hoses.

OilQuick is a fully automatic quick coupler system

Dalton Ward of Auckland-based Ward Demolition Ltd says the time gain isn’t marginal, it’s transformational.

"Buying an OilQuick from Beattys was a big decision for us here at Ward Demolition," he says.

"Equipment we purchase has to be approved for use across the business, so the evaluation process is quite an in-depth undertaking."

Fitted to a new Hyundai HX145CR, Ward Demolition’s first OilQuick automatic quick coupler is being used as a frontline machine on the numerous demolition jobs the business undertakes across the region and around the country.

Attachments can be swapped out with a flick of a switch

"For us, using this new system means a total re-evaluation of how we deconstruct buildings," says Dalton.

"By allowing us to almost instantaneously swap over tools, an operator can break out a wall, then quickly swap over to a grapple to move material out of the way, then swap back to breaking. It’s just a whole easier process." That efficiency also translates across to loading out trucks.

The OilQuick coupler is being used as a frontline machine on numerous jobs

Dalton uses loading scrap steel as an example: "Sometimes in the past, we would send out bins that are not quite full, as it would mean moving the machine with a grapple out of the way and getting another one across the site to process additional steel, but now the grapple machine can quickly swap out for another tool, process more steel, swap back to a grapple, and top up the bin.

It’s efficient on so many levels — some we haven’t even comprehended yet."

Beyond its productivity advantages, the OilQuick system offers a solution to a common problem: the risk of oil leaks and damaged hoses associated with manual hose and attachment changes.

OilQuick offers increased versatility and efficiency

It also eliminates the inconvenience of oil dripping over clothing and the physical strain of swapping out hoses.

This aspect of the system safeguards both the machinery and the environment from potential contamination, ensuring operations run cleaner and with fewer interruptions for maintenance. 

Beattys Group says they don’t just provide cutting-edge equipment; they also offer a comprehensive service package, which includes "unparalleled after-sales support."

"Having a customer-focused approach guarantees the same level of excellence as the machinery they supply and is matched by the expertise and dedication of the Beattys service team." Dalton adds,"If anyone is going to test the durability of a product, it’s us.

Beattys products show clear evidence of superior quality and right through the purchase process, Beattys has gone above and beyond to prove it was the right decision for our company. The time savings for our company is so great. I really hope our competitors don’t follow suit."

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