Product feature: Neilo ROPS graders

Meet the trio of Neilo ROPS graders — a small yet incredibly effective range of grading machines


Neilo Equipment has spent nearly 20 years developing its range of graders into the best value-for-money grading equipment. Built around the Kubota tractor platform, Neilo converts an ag tractor into a construction grader.

This includes a chassis extension on the larger models, hydraulic systems, safety systems, and, most importantly, the construction of highly precise blades.

The Neilo team says they have a bit of a habit when it comes to design and engineering — that is to work out what’s needed strength-wise and basically double it.

Neilo graders are built around the Kubota tractor platform

They go to extra lengths to make sure their components can handle the stress of constant grading, and as such say owners can have peace of mind, knowing that their grader will last for the long term.

With three different models in the ROPS grader range, Neilo should have something for every requirement and site. Their cab-less designs always keep the blade in view, which reduces fatigue and improves precision, while enabling easy access to the seat.

Large turf tyres prevent damage to sensitive surfaces while providing plenty of grip for grading. Folding ROPS frames enables the graders to fit in tighter spaces. The rear layout retains the three-point linkage, allowing the usage of a drag broom or other standard attachments.

Neilo B3150 grader

The Neilo B3150 grader combines what must be the perfect amount of power in a compact and easy-to-transport form, the brand says. Weighing in at a mere 1.3 tonnes, it can be ideal for pathways, foundations, driveways, and all other smaller jobs requiring high precision.

The 1.85-metre blade is engineered to last the distance, with six directions of movement. It features large removable wings for additional grading capacity and a reversible cutting edge to save costs and reduce downtime.

Utilising hydrostatic drive, it’s smooth, responsive, and safe to operate without the distraction of changing gears or using a clutch pedal.

Neilo produces a variant with a detachable front-end loader, which enables an operator to both spread and grade with the same machine.

They can also add one of their popular road brooms (the same ones as their range of Tractor Brooms) to the front of the B3150, enabling operators to grade and clean up a site with a single machine.

Neilo M7040 grader

Neilo M7040 grader

A powerful 70hp tractor with a precision 2.4-metre-wide under-slung blade makes for a formidable combination.

The innovative grading system enables operators to make fine adjustments on the move, while the blade design allows the operator to slew on a level plain (when in rolled-back mode).

Combined with an optional Leica Laser/2D system, these features help produce a precision finish, the brand says.

Owners can add a quick hitch front broom and a dust suppression unit and choose from various safety features to meet their site’s specifications.

Neilo also offers an M7040 cabin variant, which provides further protection from the elements. They also offer the Neilo broom system as a quick-hitch style attachment on the front of this model to increase the machine’s versatility.

Laser/GPS control systems

To achieve a high level of precision, all of Neilo’s graders can be fitted with advanced 2D Laser or 3D GPS systems.

Neilo says their team has a lot of experience in the grade control area, installing several different brands of Laser/GPS in graders to meet customers’ different requirements.

The systems are easy to use and highly accurate, allowing even the most demanding jobs to be finished precisely.

About Neilo


Neilo Equipment, based in Palmerston North, has been crafting a unique range of graders and road sweepers since its conception in 2005. Developed as a way to move on some 70hp 2WD tractors, the first Neilo graders were a real hit.

Founder Neil O’Fee took this demand from strength to strength, with his engineering prowess being put to good use. All products are built upon Kubota tractors, renowned worldwide for their reliability and performance.

This makes them an ideal match for Neilo’s precision-engineered sweepers and graders, all installed without affecting the original Kubota warranty.

With all components built to last, the team at Neilo says the machines are a reliable investment that will be with owners for the long haul.

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