FUCHS' green goals

FUCHS Lubricants introduces new 20-litre steel drums, which are 100% recyclable


FUCHS Lubricants is extending its sustainability approach forward to customers, offering a selection of recyclable and low-impact packaging, by introducing new 20-litre steel drums, in addition to its 60- and 205-litre steel drum options, which are 100% recyclable.

The company’s local distributor BNT Automotive is participating by taking used steel drums and other scrap metal for recycling, with funds received being used to support community charities. 

FUCHS says their carbon-neutral balance sheet covers all of its production processes globally, gate-to-gate, and is a major step along the way to ‘cradle-to-gate’ by 2025, which will also take into account their suppliers’ emissions.

The company says the goal is net zero emissions and they are taking the first steps towards that goal, with evidence being their Beresfield Plant in New South Wales—one of two lubricant manufacturing facilities in Australia, which together develop and manufacture lubricants, engine coolants, grease, and speciality fluids for Oceania.

The Beresfield plant opened in 2018 and was designed and built with a host of environmental features. Since its opening, it has produced approximately 30% of its own electricity requirements from a 155kW rooftop solar installation.

In January 2022, FUCHS says it began converting the remaining electricity supply sourced from the grid to green energy sources and is on track to achieve 100% green energy supply by 2024, adding significant further credit to FUCHS Lubricants’ global carbon neutral balance sheet.

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