Product feature: New D-Lock coupler range

Doherty Couplers and Attachments released its new D-Lock range of hydraulic couplers after more than a decade of service from its previous Snaplock+ range

The new D-Lock Tilt coupler featuring a compact design

Designed around performance and safety, the new D-Lock coupler’s compact design with minimal moving parts puts them at the forefront of coupler performance worldwide, the manufacturer says.

Having established the popular Snaplock+ quick coupler for its safety globally, Doherty’s research and development team focused on improving an already sound design without taking away from its pedigree.


The most noticeable change is the re-engineering of the basic weldment, making it more compact and further increasing the overall strength of the coupler.

"The chassis overhaul gives a more compact design and improves the basic weldment strength across the D-Lock," explains managing director Jeremy Doherty.

"We’ve shifted the lifting eye over to the left to form an integral part of the side plate for structural integrity and to help avoid OEM lifting eyes fitted to some H links. It now also fits multiple bow shackle sizes while retaining a high, safe, working load."


The new D-lock range of couplers has further improved safety with its Dual Pin Lock Plus (DPL+) safety system, where the front and rear primary jaw locks are now backed up by an independent heavy-duty compression spring.

"We’ve incorporated a new tertiary lock in addition to the front and rear lock for added safety," says general manager Mark Walker. "On our 14-tonne and above models, we’ve also added a pressure relief valve for protection from hydraulic pressure spikes, which can cause damage to cylinders.

"Due to the advancement in power output of machines today, we’ve increased the cylinder size on the 240 and above models to match this power increase. We also built the jaw stop into the chassis to protect the cylinder further and contain all working parts."

The D-Lock tilt coupler mirrors all the qualities of the D-Lock coupler and is fitted
with a slim structured, maintenance-free, triple-sealed actuator with only two moving parts.

"We designed the D-Lock Tilt with a compact and narrow body for better visibility and performance, giving it serious benefits over other brands," says Jeremy. "The D-Lock Tilt allows operators to simply tilt all attachments with no unwanted movement up to 180 degrees, rather than having to move their entire machine, which ultimately leads to increased profits."

All D-lock couplers showcase a highly visible front lock indicator, and the coupler’s safety system does not rely on gravity. The multi-pin centre also allows the D-Lock range to pick up all attachments in the same weight class.

"Our 140 class and above models now come standard with multi-pin capabilities, meaning the D-lock range can pick up two different diameters," explains Jeremy. "Customers rely on our products for performance and safety, and that’s why we back our D-lock coupler range with an industry-leading, two-year warranty or 3000 hours, whichever occurs first."

With fewer parts than any other fully compliant, automatic double lock coupler in Australasia, and fully compliant with Australian, European, and ISO International standards and all other major contractor policies, the new D-lock coupler range brings certified safety and efficiency to the earthmoving industry.

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