Product feature: New Hygrab grapple

The all-new Hygrab grapple has been designed as a lightweight hydraulic grab that’s ideal for use with smaller-sized diggers from one to 10 tonnes

The new Robur Hygrab grapple

The Robur Attachments product range is growing, and the latest product to hit the market is the all-new Hygrab grapple. The Hygrab has been designed as a lightweight hydraulic grab that’s ideal for use with smaller-sized diggers from one to 10 tonnes.

Robur says they’ve taken the strength and versatility of a traditional clamp bucket and combined it with a lighter-weight skeleton design. The design of the new grapple gives a significant weight reduction when compared to a traditional clamp bucket, which helps improve both the stability of the excavator and increases the load capacity.

With the machine being more stable, operators don’t have to continually reposition the digger and, being able to pick up larger loads, are able to work more efficiently and get the job done faster.

In addition to the lighter weight, another key feature of the Hygrab is the skeleton design. The shape means operators can pick up only the things they want and the soil, gravel, or small debris will fall through.

The tines are constructed using BIS400 steel and have weld-on tips rather than traditional bucket teeth so users can be confident that a Hygrab is built strong and will stand up to any job thrown at it.

The Hygrab grpple can grab and move concrete safely

A Hygrab can be an ideal attachment for moving concrete, rocks, logs, and vegetation. The jaw opens wide to accommodate large or awkward-shaped items, and the powerful hydraulic cylinder provides a strong grip to help ensure all items are held safely and securely.

Grabs are often seen working in challenging conditions, and the last thing anyone wants is to damage hydraulics or hoses, so Robur says they’ve made sure the Hygrab hoses and cylinders are all well protected within the body of the attachment.

Hygrab stump clearing

Wayne Porteous of Easy Hire in Northland says, "I’ve been blown away by how great it is to use, and it’s been strong for the size and efficient to operate." The Hygrab has also performed well when used to tear up an old concrete slab, Wayne says.

"The Hygrab made it easy to lift and break the concrete, then pick up the large chunks and move them, and it could all be done from a safe distance." For anyone looking for a grab for a digger under 10 tonnes, a Hygrab brings together all the functionality of a traditional clamp bucket, combined with the lighter-weight skeleton design.

Find out more at or contact the Robur team.

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