Chippers and processing: Terex Ecotec TBG 530T

Sitting at 25T, the Terex Ecotec TBG 530T is ideal for contractors or medium-to-small operators who need to shred green waste, forestry slash, wood waste, C&D waste, and raw bark

The TBG 530T high-speed shredder  being put through its paces

When presented with the opportunity to demonstrate a Terex Ecotec High Speed Shredder from Mobile Screening & Crushing (MSC), Trow Group were keen to get on board. 

Having used MSC’s EvoQuip screens and crushers previously on their deconstruction projects, they could see a shredder had potential to add value to the upcycling arm of their business. 

Deconstruction is one of the core services Trow Group provides, offering an environmentally sustainable alternative to demolition. Instead of demolishing buildings and structures, Trow Group deconstructs them and upcycles more than 80% of all reusable materials from every project.

With teams in both Aotearoa New Zealand and Tonga actively contributing to environmental preservation, sustainability and a circular economy are at the heart of Trow Group’s eco-efficient deconstruction processes, which avoid demolishing and sending materials to landfills wherever possible.

The business has received multiple awards in innovation, community contribution, and sustainability and has attained industry certifications that have enabled them to become one of the largest commercial deconstruction companies in Aotearoa New Zealand.

As head contractors, their dedication to caring for Papatūānuku (land/Earth-Mother) sees them salvaging hundreds of tonnes of construction materials every year for many organisations, such as Kainga Ora, Auckland Council, and Ministry of Education.

Saia Latu, Trow Group’s managing director elaborates: "With the TBG 530T high-speed shredder from MSC, we’re able to transform salvaged timber from homes across Auckland Tāmaki Makaurau into what we like to call ‘black gold’ — a fundamental mulch that acts as quality control for any outdoor plant and tree life.

"Thanks to the TBG 530T, we’re now able to test and trial different varieties of mulch to ensure that only the highest standard is soon available to the community.

We see this technology as a step in the right direction for deconstruction, as it brings the life of these materials to a full cycle."

The team at MSC received the first Terex Ecotec high-speed shredder in the country and partnered with Trow Group to put the newly arrived machine through its paces.

"The product piles Trow Group had accumulated over the months was impressive, and they were as keen as us to see what the machine could achieve in both material handling and speed," says Andy Meikle, MSC director. 

The trial kicked off with untreated wood waste salvaged from Trow Group’s deconstruction sites. After a minimal set-up time of just five minutes post-unloading from the transporter, the TBG 530T got to work, effortlessly chewing through the raw product and underscoring its speed and efficiency.  

"Shredders always draw a crowd during demos — there’s something very satisfying about seeing the raw product instantly transformed into something entirely new," says Andy.

"At Trow Group’s site, the wood waste was repurposed into quality ground cover mulch, with all nails and steel removed via the TBG 530T’s overband magnet.

Trow Group’s aim of repurposing more than 80% of salvageable materials, teamed with the Ecotec TBG 530T shredder enabled this demolition waste to be transformed into a valuable, saleable product."

General manager Dan Meikle is MSC’s resident shredder expert and is passionate about the design features of the Terex shredders. He says, "The rotor on the TBG 530T high-speed shredder consists of 30 replaceable upswinging hammers and spins at 1000rpm."

Sitting at 25T, the TBG 530T is ideal for contractors or medium-to-small operators

Designed with busy operators in mind, a full set of 30 hammers can be changed over within 25 minutes. A variety of interchangeable hammer and grate types are available for different products and size requirements.

The grate system incorporates an important feature when it comes to tramp steel. Should a piece of steel make it into the chamber, the screen kickback system will come into effect, allowing the steel to safely come through the chamber, reducing damage and downtime.

The TBG 530T features an open-ended feed hopper

The TBG 530T features an open-ended feed hopper, facilitating effortless feeding of long materials and allowing for the feeder to be reversed, if necessary, to clear any unsuitable contamination in the raw feed material.

This eliminates the need for any manual clearing and ensures minimal downtime. The open hopper area also enables the TBG 530T to be fed from either a front-end loader or excavator.

The intelligent control system controls the feeder (consisting of five heavy-duty drag chains) and the advanced, customisable feed wheel to ensure the highest output available and consistent feed on each type of product.

The control system has preset programs for light and heavy green waste, wood waste, plus three customisable programs to ensure a quick change of parameters for each product.  

In addition to the waste wood demo with Trow Group, the TBG 530T has also recently worked in raw bark, waste, and forestry slash, achieving 40 to 44 tonnes per hour of processed material.

Production was impressive, performance consistent, and the shredder received glowing reports from all who watched it working. 

"Reliable performance and high production are not the only highlights of the TBG 530T," says Andy Meikle.

The shredder is easy to set up and is simple and intuitive

"Other standout benefits are its transportability, very quick set-up, simple and intuitive operation, and superior maintenance access. With serviceability and maintenance in mind, it has been designed with unrivalled access to the chamber, engine, and belts."

Sitting at 25 tonnes, the Terex Ecotec TBG 530T is a great option for the contractor or medium-to-small operator who needs to shred green waste, forestry slash, wood waste, C&D waste, and raw bark.

With both slow- and high-speed shredders currently in stock, MSC says they offer a complete solution to chipping and recycling requirements, supplying the full range of Terex Ecotec recycling equipment.  

For more information, contact the MSC sales team: Dan – 027 2255 838 (North Island) or Stew – 020 478 7456 (South Island) or email 

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