Product feature: Morooka MC6000 tub grinder

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

South Island-based Central Machine Hire recently took delivery of a Morooka tub grinder. Deals on Wheels takes a closer look to find out how the machine has been performing.

The Morooka MC6000 tub grinder has been put into the Central Machine Hire fleet

Regular readers of Deals on Wheels may recall the Morooka MC6000 tub grinder we featured late last year (DOW 366). Supplied by Magnum Equipment, New Zealand distributor of the brand, the machine was subsequently purchased by Central Machine Hire and placed in the company’s Wānaka equipment fleet.

Central Machine Hire itself has a multi-industry spread, ranging from cranes to mini excavators and quarries to property developments. There’s not a lot the company doesn’t touch, either directly or through its sister businesses.

Decision to purchase


While one would think company owner Allan Dippie has enough responsibilities on his shoulders, turns out, talking about machinery is something he’s more than happy to do. His past life experiences make him more than qualified to do so.

One of the reasons a decision was made to purchase a tub grinder was the difficulty obtaining services locally in the Wānaka district.

"It was a business we didn’t need to get into, but at times, when we wanted work carried out, there were no contractors available," says Allan. "And, of course, when they move onto a job, they could be tied up for weeks."

Another issue Allan reports is the need to move away from burning vegetation, which was once the norm when pruning trees and developing properties.

"In today’s environment, everyone needs to pay attention to how we dispose of vegetation.

With drier conditions preventing burning, mulching is now the expectation

In the past, no one would care if a fire was burning for days, but with the drier conditions we now experience, mulching is the expectation — it’s all about trying to do it better than before, and additionally, we get a product that we can utilise in other areas of the business."


The machine is powered by a 470kw(630hp)@2100rpm Cat C18 engine

Being ‘fuss-free’ and easy to move from site to site was another factor that the 19,000kg tub grinder found its way to the South Island, with Allan reporting that the machine’s relatively small size allows it not only to be used on large jobs but it can also economically be moved to smaller projects.

"Realistically, we could move this to a one-day job, and it would still be economical for the landowner and ourselves," Allan says. Powered by a 470kw(630hp)@2100rpm Cat C18 engine, the machine has an overall length of 5900mm, an overall height of 3080mm, and sits 2950mm wide.

"The machine is very simple to operate, although, I would be reluctant to put this or any similar type of machine into our dry hire fleet," says Allan.

"Anything like this needs a dedicated person who knows its power and capabilities. "What I like is it’s relatively fuss-free, with little electronic componentry, so our people can take care of any issues as they crop up."

The tub has a depth of 1450mm, with an inside diameter of 2200mm

The tub itself has a depth of 1450mm, with an inside diameter of 2200mm. The cutting head has an auto tub reverse function, so on tough work, the oil pressures peak at a pre-determined point and the tub will auto-reverse to adjust the in-feed.

"The tub hydraulically tilts up, so getting to the cutting head to change teeth or carry out maintenance is a straightforward process. It’s quite nice with its simplicity," says Allan.

Minimal impact

The MC6000 has an overall length of 5900mm, an overall height of 3080mm, and sits 2950mm wide

The MC6000 and the smaller MC4000 come fitted with a magnetic separator, extended conveyor, and the previously mentioned auto tub reverse.

"One thing we’re keen to do is try it on wood pallets. For the wider business, pallets become an issue, so we’re building up a stockpile for a trial run," says Allan.

However, grinding vegetation is what the machine will be focusing on for the majority of its working life and it’s here that the benefits are starting to become evident.

The low ground pressure tracks are designed to make a minimal impact and enable the MC6000 to be used in areas where traditional mulchers cannot access

The low ground pressure exerted by the Morooka’s Bridgestone-made rubber tracks are designed to make minimal impact and enable the MC6000 to be used in areas where traditional mulchers cannot access.

"You can get the machine anywhere," says Allan. "It can be put into areas you wouldn’t normally get a rubber-tyred one and it can track along as you work, so can easily create windrows," says Allan.

"For us, it’s a simple, rugged machine that will eat up the vegetation you can fit into the tub. It won’t produce as fast as those big grinders, but its versatility allows us to use it across a wide range of projects."

For more information, contact Liam Field at 021 334 098 or Luke Field at 021 988 223 or visit

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