Product feature: Husqvarna DM 540i

Husqvarna DM540i in field shot Husqvarna DM540i Husqvarna DM540i in field shot

The new Husqvarna DM 540i will turn many a core drilling mission into a smooth, agile, and empowering experience, its manufacturer says

The cordless and battery-powered hand drill is ideal for allowing users to move freely between work sites, building levels, and drilling tasks without cords or the need to locate a power source.

The Husqvarna DM 540i contains a powerful drill motor that fits in narrow corners, has low weight, is optimally balanced, and is easy to use for productive work days. 

Designed for drilling of most materials (especially reinforced concrete) with diameters of up to 75mm with a maximum drill depth of 350mm, it’s suitable for wet or dry drilling.

It can also be mounted on a DS150 for diameters up to 100mm and can be used for drilling reinforced concrete, bricks, lightweight blocks, plumbing pipes, electrical sockets, cables, ventilation, and air conditioning installation.

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