Product profile: Hidromek HMK410LCUHD

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

NZ Hidromek distributors Magnum Equipment recently landed a Hidromek HMK410LCUHD at their Auckland yard and are preparing it for sale

A few issues back, you may recall an article (DOW 355) we did on Hatuma Group’s Hidromek HMK410 LCUHD H4. The company were using it to extract lime from their Mauriceville quarry near Masterton and were pleased with the 41-tonne machine’s operational performance.

Following on from that, New Zealand Hidromek distributors Magnum Equipment have recently landed another machine of the same specifications at their Auckland yard and are preparing it for sale.

With an operating weight of 41.8 tonnes, the HMK LCUHD H4 (LCUHD = long carriage ultra heavy duty) excavator is a piece of kit for serious work. Even the most rudimentary inspection will show the solid build quality, the intention of the design being hard work with little downtime.

The 41-tonne machine sits on the undercarriage of a 50-tonne machine

"The machine is actually a 40-tonne upper structure on a 50-tonne track frame," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.

2.5m3 bucket

The machine would be suited for a quarry or bulk earthworks business

Fitted with its standard 2.5 cubic metre quarry spec bucket, the HMK LCUHD H4 will deliver almost 22,000kgf (kilograms of force) to a quarry face, which is something like the equivalent of 22 mini excavators of around one tonne.

"We anticipate some big projects being undertaken in the near future and this machine is perfect for anything that requires bulk excavation, and it isn’t afraid of hard work, especially when you’re loading 2.5 cubic metres at a time," says Liam.

Diesel and oil

The machine is powered by an 287hp(214kW)@2000rpm Isuzu engine

Powered by an Isuzu-AH-6HK1X six-cylinder turbo/intercooled diesel engine that outputs 287hp(214kW)@2000rpm gross, users will find it delivers a gross max torque of 1136Nm@1500rpm.

Double auxiliary piping is fitted as standard

The Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps provide a maximum flow of 2x300 litres per minute. In the situation of Hatuma Group’s machine, the standard fitted double auxiliary piping allowed them to attach a Maxbrio hydraulic ripper to their excavator.

"The high oil flow makes the machine ideal for hydraulic attachments, such as the Maxbrio ripper Hatuma fitted, or a breaker," says Liam. "This is what the machine has been designed to do – it’s perfect for that type of work."

Solid build

Easy access for regular servicing

As mentioned earlier, the HMK410 LCUHD H4 consists of a 40-tonne upper structure on a 50-tonne track frame. Prospective buyers will be impressed by the attention to detail and sturdy build quality that Hidromek has designed into the machine, obviously knowing that the excavator will be operating in some of the harshest work environments.

Solid build quality is evident by the heavy steel construction

"Up against other similar sized machines of other brands, it’s very easy to see the difference," says Liam. "That’s not to say those others are bad – its just that this Hidromek is specifically designed for really harsh environments – it’s not a few things bolted and welded onto a lightweight base."

Lower frame


The undercarriage consists of X-type lower frame construction with a pentagon box-type chassis. Each track is kept in place by nine lower rollers and two upper rollers, with the 600mm deep double-lug grousers providing a solid base to work from and the full-length guards helping lengthen the lifespan of the chains.

Falls and drops

Handrails and safety guarding protect anyone working around the engine on the upper structure, along with anti-drop valves on the arm cylinders. Front windscreen and roof guarding are also in place for additional protection.

Operator comfort


Inside the cab, the operator is treated to the usual comforts Hidromek affords its users. Wide areas of glass maximise the viewing, while adjustable shades keep sunstrike away.


Adjustable controls and suspension seating ensure the largest or smallest bodies are positioned to work efficiently and kept warm or cool thanks to the powerful air-conditioning system.


Something like six speakers will deliver the best talkback or musical beats the quality sound system can provide, all helping to ensure that there’s still a good amount of operator energy left at the end of each day to enjoy after-work social activities.


"It’s a superb machine. It’s big, solid, and just a magnificent workhorse," says Liam. "It’s ultra heavy duty."

Hidromek HMK410LCUHD Specifications

Operating weight 41,800kg

Isuzu-AH-6HK1X 6-cylinder turbo/intercooled


287hp(214kW) @2000rpm gross

Max torque

1136Nm@ 1500rpm gross

Emission system Tier 3
Main pumps

Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps

Max oil flow 2 x 300L/min
Arm breakout force 21,800kgf
Bucket digging force 25,800kgf
Standard bucket size 2.5m3
Machine width 3500mm
Max reach at ground level 10,210mm
Transport length 10,990mm
Max digging reach 10,460mm
Max dump height 6900mm
Min ground clearance 600mm
Upper structure clearance 1385mm

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