Product feature: Sunward SWE155UF

The new compact Sunward SWE155UF has arrived in NZ and packs in a lot of punch

Utility companies and civil contractors looking to add a medium-sized excavator to their asset sheet need to take a close look at the new Sunward SWE155UF.

Distributed in New Zealand by Auckland-based Endraulic Equipment, the compact-looking machine nudges the scales at 16,500kgs and is one of the latest models supplied by the well-known equipment manufacturer.

First impressions

Sunward’s latest mid-sized excavator

First impressions show that the SWE155UF as a nice-looking piece of kit. Sitting on 600mm wide tracks and designed primarily for urban environments, the model comes with a compact rear-end to take advantage of tight job sites and is fitted with dual auxiliary lines operated from the joystick thumb controls, which come fitted standard with the Sunward F-Series excavators.

An extendable handrail is fitted to the main body of the machine, along with impressive exhaust cover that a number of manufacturers now fit to prevent human contact or damage to the muffler system when operating in confined environments.

Keeping on the safety theme, anti-drop valves are fitted to the boom and dipper arm cylinders to help prevent injuries in the situation of hydraulic hose failures on the business end of the machine and are a must-have on any modern excavator.

Engine talk

Cummins is the engine brand of choice for the SWE155UF

Power is delivered to the variable piston pump from a 93kW(125hp)@2200rpm Cummins QSF3.8 turbo-diesel engine, providing max torque of 501Nm@1500rpm. Incidentally, the SWE155UF’s hydraulic pump has a maximum oil flow of 300L/min.

"The standard company that this would be suited for, are your civil contractors that are looking for power and just really wanting the benefits of a reliable machine without all the fancy electronics," says Endraulic Equipment product manager Anthony Smith.

Business time

Onto the money-making end of the machine, you will recall that the machine comes fitted with dual-auxiliary lines, so it’s a straightforward process to fit attachments and couplers.

Operators will find the SWE155UF has a maximum loading height of 6200mm and a digging reach of 8370mm – all important numbers to know when cleaning up the mess left behind by builders on those tight sites they shoehorn housing onto these days.

Additionally, a dual-acting blade with a cutting depth of 625mm helps provide additional stability and dozer capability when needed.

"The machine is fitted with 600mm shoes and this one has the optional rubber pads if a buyer requires them," says Anthony.

Inside the cab

Anthony Smith, product manager at Endraulic Equipment

Before climbing into the air-conditioned cab, operators will notice they are protected by guarding on the front windscreen and cab roof.

A very comfortable suspension seat, adjustable joysticks and push-button start feature, along with the slick-looking interior really puts some of the more upmarket brands on notice.

The two safety cameras will tick the boxes of the most conscientious health and safety site rep. Providing around 120 degrees of view, one camera sits at the rear of the upper body and the other on the blind side of the machine, with viewing available on the large touchscreen monitor, it being one of the biggest seen for a while.

Most machine functions can be controlled with the touchscreen and are interfaced with buttons on the control panel alongside the seat, meaning the operator doesn’t have to lean forward to carry out changes or adjustments.

Servicing areas

Thumb controls come standard on all Sunward F-Series models

Like most leading brands, Sunward designers have put a lot of thought into reducing machine downtime by grouping servicing points and keeping them within easy reach from the ground. This goes along with making the SWE155UF and all the models they produce as safe as possible, both when in operation and being serviced.

Like any machine there will be something awkward to get to occasionally, but for regular day-to-day checks and usual servicing intervals, everything has been well thought out.

"There are also a lot of rural applications that could benefit from this type of machine, but it could be more suited to the civil guys, because it’s a confined tail on the end of it, and not a big bit hanging out the back," says Anthony.


Left: Anti-drop valves feature on the arm cylinders Right: The compact rear end make the SWE155UF ideal for tight job sites

There’s a lot to like about the Sunward SWE155UF. It’s an ideal size for a lot of projects, it won’t clog up a development site and it’s got the reach to comfortably load out a six-wheeler tipper from the rear while sitting at ground level.

While the choice of excavators is many, the prices are varied. For a long time, the Sunward brand has been selected by companies that want to put their people into a decent bit of kit and still show a profit at the end of the financial year. That being the case, Endraulic Equipment may just have the answer.

Sunward SWE155UF specifications

Operating weight 16,500kg
Engine Cummins QSF3.8 
Emission rating EU Stage V
Power 93kW(125hp)@2200rpm
Max torque 501Nm@1500rpm
Hydraulic pump Variable piston pump
Min front swing radius 2640mm
Max flow 300L/min
Max cutting height 8700mm
Max loading height 6200mm
Max dig depth 5326mm
Max dig reach 8370mm
Max dig force bucket 100kN

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