Couplers and attachments: Doherty Attachments

When it comes to larger bulk earthworks, rock breaking, or complex drainage, Collective Contractors' go-to is their Doosan DX480LC fitted with a quick hitch

Collective Contractors laying the foundations for a housing development in West Auckland

From breaking ground to pouring the final driveways, Collective Contractors have been focused on building the foundations across greater Auckland since 2013. Back then, it was a one-man-one-digger operation.

These days, it’s a team of 14 along with a band of regular contractors, who together manage the entire process of transforming property plans into completed sections ready to sell or build on.

Simon Long, finance manager at Collective Contractors, says an experienced team is what sets them apart from other companies.

With the ability within their team to review and value engineered drawings, Collective Contractors have the proven capability to reduce costs and improve buildability on site before even breaking ground.

"On a recent project, we saved the developer $500,000 just by changing the drainage design slightly," says Simon. "Adding to this depth of knowledge, Collective Contractors have embraced the rapid evolution of technology in the industry — drone surveying, compaction meters, 3D designs, AI technology, etc. — and it has paid dividends for the business.

The efficiencies gained from data that can be collected are huge and often prevent overspending on materials and labour."

While earthworks is Collective Contractors’ core business, they also specialise in drainage and pavement projects, requiring a variety of machinery; their excavators alone range from two to 50 tonnes.

Sumitomo SH80 fitted out with Doherty attachments

Simon distinguishes their Sumitomo SH130 and SH235 as being their key assets, but when it comes to larger bulk earthworks, rock breaking, or complex drainage, their go-to is their Doosan DX480LC fitted with a quick hitch from Doherty Couplers and Attachments.

Sumitomo SH235 installing sheet piles

Collective Contractors started using Doherty attachments in 2018 and haven’t wavered because "the product quality is unparalleled", says Simon.

D-Lock tilt hitches are now fitted to all machinery, right down to the Takeuchi TB217R — the main advantage being the ability to swap between a range of attachments quickly and safely without having to change hoses.

"There are many other benefits," Simon says, "including less damaged hoses, less maintenance, durability, they fit inside our trench shields, and happier operators."

At 215 Triangle Road, Massey, Auckland, Collective Contractors completed a 57-lot subdivision for a housing development that consisted of substantial drainage requiring five- to 6.5-metre trenches.

"The Doherty D-Lock tilt hitches and spade buckets suited this job perfectly, slotting into the trench shields with ease and without touching the sides," says Simon. "And, because they provide a better range of motion than other brands, operators were able to accurately drop concrete pipes into place."

Collective Contractors’ expertise, commitment to innovation and excellence, and dedicated team enable them to deliver multiple developments to clients.

"Our team both in the office and on the ground are customer-results orientated to ensure that we succeed together and build long-term relationships, creating the best surface to build upon, in more ways than one," says Simon.

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