Porter Press Extra: Earthworx 2012 Ltd

By: Cameron Officer, Photography by: Cameron Officer

BOMAG compaction technology makes the difference to both on-site efficiency and the bottom line for this well-regarded Northland civil contractor

The new BOMAG BW213D-5

If you’re in Northland, then the Earthworx 2012 Ltd livery will be a familiar one. The civil construction entity, owned and operated by Hans and Tania Garton, has been around for more than a decade — picking up a construction award or two along the way — and, given the wide variety of tasks they tackle, it isn’t a surprise to see their gear on-site throughout
the region.

"We’re based at Ruakaka, but we like to say we cover almost anything anywhere from Warkworth to Kerikeri," says Earthworx site manager Rhys Williams.

With 21 staff on the books these days, the company has grown significantly in the last few years, as has its portfolio of work. The collective knowledge and skills base within the company sees the Earthworx team regularly working on earthmoving projects, subdivision construction, landscaping, forestry, farm roading, and bridge construction
and repair.

The company’s new BOMAG BW213D-5 is the latest acquisition to join its busy machine fleet. While it only has 150 or so hours on the clock, Rhys says he and the team are already impressed by the technology and efficiency the compactor brings to the job.

Rhys says he’s particularly impressed with the machine’s Economizer feature, which shows the operator onscreen in the cab the degree of compaction being achieved under the drum in real-time.

"It’s a really good feature and speeds up every task we need the roller to do. There’s no second-guessing and, over the course of a project, it probably saves us running the machine unnecessarily too, so that helps with the bottom-line costs associated with the job.

Clear and informative display

"We’re getting high Clegg (impact value) levels quicker, so we know we’re getting uniform compaction." With BOMAG Economizer functionality, the operator can track compaction on the roller’s in-cab display track by track, position by position, with the program saving the physical compaction value results for the entire construction site.

Then, the Earthworx team can check, analyse, and archive the data. A further bonus of the system is that it provides an accurate measurement report resource for the entire project if Hans and his team or other project stakeholders require it.

Earthworx’s BOMAG is currently in use on a large-scale roading project being completed at the State Highway One and Loop Road intersection at Otaika

The project in question is the large-scale roading work being completed at the State Highway One and Loop Road intersection at Otaika, about 10 minutes south of Whangārei city centre.

Earthworx has approximately 10 people on this job (one of several on the go at present), operating two excavators, dump trucks and, for the last two months, the BOMAG BW213D-5.

"There are 80,000 tonnes of metal going in here. We’re completing ground improvements underneath and then preloading on top. We have very specific compaction tolerances to meet and the BOMAG makes easy work of it," says Rhys.

BOMAG’s proprietary BOMAP technology assists with precise material compaction

Assisting the Earthworx team with precise material compaction is BOMAG’s proprietary BOMAP technology. Through this app-based system, the operator can monitor and document the degree of compaction on the construction site with each pass, immediately seeing where the subsoil has already been optimally compacted or whether further passes are required.

For ease of use, the app works without any additional special hardware needing to be wired into the machine. BOMAG brings more than compaction technology to the game, however.

"The first thing you notice when you get in the cab is how much outward visibility there is. Those big windscreen panels really make a difference."

Big widescreen panels ensures all-round visibility

The excellent all-round view from the operator chair is augmented further by an optional reversing camera, an ergonomic seat, and full sound and vibration insulation, meaning the BOMAG BW213D-5 is a comfortable machine to operate even on the longest workdays.

The BOMAG BW213D-5 is a comfortable machine to operate even on the longest workdays

It also features a robust heating system for colder days and a heated rear windscreen. While the site alongside State Highway One where the machine is currently working is flat, BOMAG single drum rollers are well-regarded for their consistent performance even on a slope.

Earthworx’s D-version gives gradeability of up to 45%, with manual slip control providing the operator with specific adjustments to ground conditions. The rear axles are equipped with

a NoSpin differential with automatic locking up to 100%. This means the machine will continue to drive forward, even if one wheel was to leave the ground.

"The roller has only been with us a short time, but already it’s living up to expectations," says Rhys. "When we went with BOMAG and Porter Equipment as the supplier, we could see that the machine had the latest technology and the ability to help us be quick and efficient on the job.

"And Porter Equipment comes with such a good reputation in the industry: between the machines they sell, the parts and service offering they provide and the people we have had contact with during the purchase process, we were confident this machine purchase would represent a sound investment for the future."

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