Product feature: Hidromek machinery line-up extended

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Supplied

New Zealand’s Hidromek distributor Magnum Equipment has added a number of new machines to its robust equipment line-up

HMK 140 LC H4 fitted with thumb on rural work in Waikato

By the time you read this, equipment supplier Magnum Equipment will have received the latest Hidromek HMK 410 LCUHD H4 to their West Auckland yard, adding to the comprehensive stock list of equipment available in New Zealand and ready to be put to work in a lucky owner’s fleet.

Hatuma Lime received their HMK 410 LCUHD H4 a little over 12 months ago

Suited for quarrying or heavy excavation work, the Hidromek tips the scales at almost 42 tonnes and is one of the largest models the European manufacturer produces, with the UHD designation on the model name identifying it as an Ultra Heavy Duty machine.

Additionally, the upper structure sits on a 50-tonne machine track frame for added strength and durability. Raw diesel power is supplied from a 287hp(214kW)@2000rpm Isuzu-AH 6HK1X engine, which provides a maximum torque of 1136Nm@1500rpm.

Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps provide a maximum flow of two 300 litres per minute to the standard quarry spec bucket, which at 2.5 cubic metres, allows for fast and efficient breakout times on demanding work sites.

"We’ve got a couple of these with companies around the country and the operators tell me that they’re excellent machines," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field.

HMK 140 LC H4

Another Hidromek excavator looking for a new owner is the HMK 140 LC H4. The latest model in the mid-size range, the 14.8-tonne machine comes fitted with a dozer blade and is well-suited for urban excavations or rural jobs.

Running an Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X diesel engine, rated output is 98hp(73kW)@2000rpm and the maximum torque is 385Nm@1600rpm, allowing for the efficient operating of mulchers and other energy demanding attachments.

Like all Hidromek excavators, users will find themselves in a comfortable environment with the cab sitting on six viscomount absorbers to dampen vibrations, height adjustable joysticks, wide visibility with adjustable sun screens on main windows, numerous storage space, and a quality sound system.


Aarons Contracting HMK 145 LCSR H4 on mulching duties in West Auckland

One of the most popular excavators in the Hidromek range is the 16.6-tonne HMK 145 LCSR H4. Designed primarily for tight urban environments, to date, it has been the biggest-selling model in New Zealand.

Newly arrived HMK 145 LCSR H4 about to put to work

Running the same Isuzu AJ-4JJ1X power plant as the HMK 140 LC H4, its Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps will output up to two 129 litres per minute.

Being a short-radius machine allows for a wide variety of tasks to be undertaken and it’s one of not many brands that comes fitted with double piping as factory standard, allowing for the easy set-up of hydraulic attachments.

"There’s a reason why it’s our most popular model and that’s because it performs well and can operate in confined environments," says Liam. "We’re really pleased with how the model has found a place in quite a few contractor’s fleets."

HMK 230 LC H4

Hidromek’s HMK 230 LC H4 has an operating weight of 23.4T

Moving across to buyers who need some grunt for big projects, Magnum Equipment’s 23.4-tonne HMK 230 LC H4 warrants serious consideration. Seen on numerous large worksites across the region, the well-regarded excavator is powered by a 172hp(128kW)@2000rpm Isuzu AI-4HK1X diesel engine.

Output is a maximum torque of 677Nm@1600rpm, powering the twin Kawasaki variable displacement axial piston pumps to provide a maximum flow of two 231 litres per minute.

The undercarriage is a solid X-type lower frame construction pentagon box type chassis, running 49 triple grouser shoes, nine lower rollers, and two upper rollers on each side.

"Like the rest of the machine, buyers will notice the solid build of the undercarriage frame," says Liam. "When they compare it to similar-sized other brand models, they will quickly understand the build quality difference between Hidromek and other manufacturers."

HMK 110 CS and HMK 130 CS

Hidromek’s HMK 110 CS H4 has an operating weight of 11,150kg

For those looking for compaction rollers, Hidromek’s single drum machines receive high praise from users, Liam says. Currently, Magnum Equipment has two models available ex-stock in their Auckland yard.

The HMK 130 CS H4 has an operating weight of 13,250kg

The HMK 110 CS H4 has an operating weight of 11,150kg and the larger HMK 130 CS H4 tips the scales at 13,250kg. Both models are powered by four-cylinder 138hp(103kW)@2400rpm Deutz TCD2012 LO4 2V engines, specifically used by Hidromek for roller applications.

Significant design thought has gone into making the drum rollers easy and effective to use while providing the best visibility possible for the operator.

Capable of reaching a maximum speed of 12km/h, shoes can be fitted to the drum to enable compaction of clay or other suitable materials for fill work on subdivisions or land development projects.

For more details, call Liam at 021 334 098 or Luke at 021 988 223 or visit

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