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Cat has unveiled its new Cat Ease of Use Technology, exclusive to select Cat mini excavators

Cat next generation mini excavators, including the 306 CR, 308 CR, and 309 CR models, can now be fitted with new technology features called E-Fence and Indicate to improve productivity and accuracy on the job site.

"Cat Ease of Use technology offers similar features previously found only in larger Cat excavator models," says Terra industry manager, Tim O’Meara.

"The suite aims to simplify machine operation while improving accuracy and enhancing productivity. It’s designed to help Kiwi operators work more efficiently and safely regardless of their experience level."


New Ease of Use E-Fence in selected Cat next generation mini excavators ensures you avoid obstacles and buried services, such as underground utilities, overhead powerlines, and built structures. Simply set your maximum depth, height, wall and/or swing boundaries, and you’re ready to work.

This can be enabled quickly and easily by navigating through the menu on the advanced Cat touchscreen monitor. E-Fence can be selected within the Ease of Use menu, and the operator can then set the desired movement limitations.

These can be adjusted independently for ceiling, wall, floor, as well as left and right swing. The operator will then be unable to move the bucket past those points, regardless of control inputs.

This helps prevent unwanted contact with any object outside the E-Fence boundaries, particularly beneficial when working near overhead power lines, traffic, or buildings, or even with known but hidden underground utilities nearby.


With Ease of Use Indicate, operators of all skill levels can simply select a target depth and slope from the in-cab monitor. The monitor provides real-time, work-in-progress, and distance-to-grade feedback, using visible and audible indicators.

Indicate is ideal for work in and around footings, septic systems, residential foundations, slope work, and similar applications. An additional feature made possible by both E-Fence and Indicate is Assist, which incorporates both Swing Assist and Bucket Assist features.

Bucket Assist, activated via the advanced monitor, automatically maintains the last known bucket position and keeps the angle consistent relative to the machine.

Swing Assist, also activated in the advanced monitor, stops the excavator’s swing function at a pre-set point, allowing operators to quickly and accurately return to trench, as well as set a consistent dump target.

To find out more about Cat Ease Of Use Technology for mini excavators, call 0800 93 93 93.

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