Couplers and attachments: OilQuick automatic quick coupler

Beyond the productivity and longevity advantages, the OilQuick system minimises the risk of oil leaks and damaged hoses


In the world of construction and demolition, time is a resource as critical as any heavy machinery — a fact Beattys Group says they have recognised in bringing the OilQuick automatic quick coupler system to New Zealand’s shores.

"The benefits of OilQuick are immense. The system’s capability to allow for the changing of attachments in mere seconds directly from the operator’s cab is revolutionary," says Beattys Group’s equipment product manager, Carlos Prestidge.

OilQuick is an automatic quick coupler system for excavators

"Gone are the days of extended pauses in operation as workers manually switch tools. With OilQuick, what used to take upwards of 15 minutes now is a mere 10-second endeavour, massively bolstering productivity.

This is not just a marginal gain; it’s a complete transformation in the workflow, slashing project timelines and catapulting productivity to new heights."

OilQuick automatic quick coupler system

Using the correct tool for the job is not just about efficiency; it’s about the longevity of the equipment. OilQuick ensures that each attachment is used in its optimal capacity, preventing premature wear and tear, Carlos adds.

"The return on investment extends beyond the time saved — it encompasses the extended life of every attachment in the demolition arsenal."

Beyond the productivity and longevity advantages, the OilQuick system minimises the risk of oil leaks and damaged hoses, a common issue with manual attachment changes.

This aspect of the system safeguards both the machinery and the environment from potential contamination, ensuring operations run cleaner and with fewer interruptions for maintenance.

Beattys Group says they don’t just provide cutting-edge equipment; they offer a comprehensive service package.

"With our unparalleled aftersales support, we ensure that clients are never left to face operational challenges alone. This customer-focused approach guarantees that the same level of excellence in machinery is matched by the expertise and dedication of the Beattys service team."

For more information, to book an on-site equipment demonstration, or find out more about the additional range of demolition attachments, material handling equipment, and dust suppression solutions available, contact Carlos Prestidge at 021 382 893 or or visit

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