Chippers and processing: Morooka MC-6000 tub grinder

By: Steve Atkinson, Photography by: Steve Atkinson

Deals on Wheels takes a look at a Morooka MC-6000 tub grinder that Magnum Equipment has recently landed in the country


Dealing with forestry slash, orchard tree removal, or urban development projects will get
a whole lot easier with the arrival of the Morooka MC-6000 tub grinder at Magnum Equipment’s West Auckland yard.

The operating weight of the MC-6000 is 19,300kg

Tipping the scales at just over 19,000kg, the Japanese-made machine is the largest in the manufacturer’s wood crusher range and will suit professional contractors who can see the advantages a rubber-tracked low-ground pressure machine can bring to their job sites.


Powered by a 470kW(630hp)@2100rpm Cat C18 engine, the machine has an overall length of 5900mm, sits a stout 2950mm wide, and has an overall height of 3080mm.

While the travel speed of up to three kilometres per hour won’t set any speed records, the ability to traverse soft ground while doing as little damage as possible will certainly appeal to those who want to reduce the amount of reinstatement work they have to carry out at the end of jobs.


"Our main reason for bringing the machine in was to have something immediately available for contractors to use," says Magnum Equipment founder and director Liam Field. "Regions hit by weather events will find a machine like this the perfect piece of kit to deal with vegetation and debris."

The tub grinder

The conveyor folds out to 4m

The MC-6000’s tub grinder works by destroying vegetation fed into it with the help of numerous cutting teeth (or optional blades) that are fitted to a rotating drum.

The tub folds up for easier servicing

As the cutting drum turns at speed, the material is shredded against a cutter plate before falling through a screen and onto the discharge conveyor.

The teeth can be fitted with optional blades (below)

The tub itself has a depth of 1450mm, with an inside diameter of 2200mm and is designed to easily accommodate large pieces of material or even whole trees, if necessary. One of the benefits of owning a Morooka tub grinder is the simplicity of design.

Optional blades

The manufacturer has chosen to keep the machine fail-proof as possible, which means eliminating a lot of the nice-to-have electrical components to help reduce dust-induced issues while still maintaining a safe and efficient machine that will continue earning money month after month.

"These machines are designed to work in remote areas and the last thing someone wants is a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, which is why everything is accessible and areas that accumulate dust can be easily cleaned," says Liam.

Additional features

The conveyor is 4000 x 800mm wide

The MC-4000 and MC-6000 come fitted with a magnetic separator (ideal for wood pallets), an extended belt conveyor, and an automatic tub reverse drive system.

The MC-4000 and MC-6000 come fitted with a magnetic separator

The reverse drive is ideal for those extra difficult pieces, as the auto-reverse function will allow the machine to take a quick breather and gather up some more revs before giving it another go.

The tub grinders can also happily deal with plastics, construction waste, or other suitable products that are not likely to wrap around the drum or cause undue stress on the componentry.

Servicing and access to the drum are made easy, thanks to the tub being able to hydraulically fold out 90 degrees. This can allow the operator to easily clear any blockages or service personnel access to the cutting drum for fitting replacement teeth or other mechanical work.

Other models

The MC-6000 is the largest of Morooka’s tub grinders

As mentioned earlier, the MC-6000 is the largest tub grinder in Morooka’s line-up. The company also produces the MC2000VA (12,150kg) and the MC-4000 (15,400kg), so depending on the type of work being carried out, there should be a suitable model for most contractors.

For yard-based applications, there’s also an MC-2500T, which is a stationary frame-based tub grinder and weighs in at 8600kg. It has an inside tub opening of 1800mm.

"We’ve found the Morooka platforms ideal for many types of off-road applications, and it’s natural that Morookas are available already fitted with tub grinders, especially on those remote and awkward sites," says Liam. "They’re robust, versatile, and easy to service — they tick all the boxes."

Morooka tub grinders specifications

Model MC-2000VA MC-4000 MC-6000 MC-2500T
Weight 12,150kg 15,400kg 19,300kg 8600kg
Length 5120mm 5900mm 5900mm 5055mm
Width 2400mm 2720mm 2950mm 2400mm
Height 2730mm 2840mm 3080mm 2535mm
Engine Cat C7.1 Cat C15 Cat C18 Mitsubishi 6D–16
Rated output 151kW@2200rpm 354kW@2100rpm 470kW@2100rpm 140kW@2200rpm
Track width 600mm 600mm 750mm  

Conveyor width x length

600 x 2100mm 700 x 4000mm 800 x 4000mm 620 x 3140mm
Tub depth x opening inside diameter 1300 x 1800mm 1340 x 2000mm 1450 x 2200mm 1300 x 1800mm
Travel speed up to 3km/h up to 3km/h up to 3km/h  

For more information, contact Liam 021 334 098 or Luke 021 988 223 or visit

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