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Boss Attachments' brands Dymax, OSA, and Antraquip cover everything, from general utility work, plantation thinning and trimming to pruning, stumping, and full-scale tree removal

Dymax tree shears deliver a cutting rate of between 100 to 180 trees per hour

When it comes to forestry shears and stump grinders, Boss Attachments says its brands are viewed as leaders in their class.

"Collectively, our Dymax, OSA, and Antraquip brands provide us with a good mix for the wider requirements of the forestry and contracting sectors," says Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments.

"We can pretty much cover everything, from general utility work, plantation thinning and trimming to pruning, stumping, and full-scale tree removal."

Dymax tree shears

For more than 130 years, the Dymax brand has been at the sharp end of product development and manufacture of quality attachments for the forestry sector, with their range of tree shears and other attachments being leaders for proven design and uncompromising performance.

"The Dymax commitment to the delivery of quality, best-engineered solutions to meet their customers’ ever-evolving needs is as strong today as it was when the business was founded 130 years ago," says Paul.

Dymax tree shears have made an outstanding impression with New Zealand contractors, such as Treescape NZ, who operate a number of the attachments. "The Dymax tree shear takes the man working up high with a chainsaw right out of the picture," says Corrin Spittle of Treescape NZ.

Tree shears significantly increase worker safety

"The shear lets us securely hold the tree, shear it, then lift it, and put it down exactly where we want to place it. It gives us the extra control and safety that we need, particularly near busy roads or power lines."

In addition to precision control and safety, Dymax tree shears also deliver increased production benefits, with an average cutting rate of between 100 and 180 trees per hour for operators like Treescape NZ, according to Paul.

All Dymax tree shears for excavators feature dual grapple arms that secure the tree prior to shearing. Options include a bunching arm, tilt or rotator, a custom build gatherer that cuts multiple stems in specific operations, and a hydraulic tilt rotator that provides side-to-side tilt allowing operators to adjust to the tree trunk or limb when working on uneven ground.

Dymax tree shears come in a range of 250mm to 600mm cut sizes and they are suitable for use with a wide range of excavators or skid steers.

OSA wood and tree shears

"Our OSA range of wood and tree shears also has outstanding brand pedigree, and they have been developed alongside OSA’s sector-leading demolition tool range," Paul says.

"Like all OSA tools, they are designed to deliver safe, durable, and uncompromising performance, helping provide contractors with proven options for the removal of trees, logs, stumps, and even railway sleepers. Models are available to suit 12- to 30-tonne excavators."

Antraquip milling heads

To many, however, the real surprise in this mix of Boss-supplied forestry brands will be Antraquip, which is primarily recognised for their range of quality milling heads for civil engineering projects.

It should be noted, though, that the versatile milling heads can also be fitted with an attachment that allows them to be used for chipping and tree stump removal. They are used widely in this mode throughout the US.

"Having these three great brands also means that we can assist our clients’ needs across a range of job requirements and price points, all without any compromise to their overall production requirements," says Paul.

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