Product feature: Topcon MC-Mobile

Topcon says their MC-Mobile is a revolutionary solution that promises to redefine the landscape of construction and surveying

The Topcon LN150 robot used for both machine and survey 3D control

In the ever-evolving world of construction and surveying, advancements in technology can lead to significant increases in efficiency and accuracy, however, industry professionals often find themselves at the mercy of outdated equipment and software that hinder their productivity and limit the scope of their projects.


Recognising these challenges, Topcon has introduced MC-Mobile, their
game-changing solution that addresses the pain points and is designed to set a new standard for construction fieldwork.

Use the machine receiver as a field rover

One of the most innovative features of the MC-Mobile is its ability to convert a machine receiver into a field rover. Its manufacturer says this capability is unprecedented among leading brands, offering a level of flexibility and convenience that’s unrivalled in the industry.

The feature allows operators to leverage the power and precision of their existing equipment in new ways, maximising investment and enhancing productivity in the field.

Creating in-field drains made simple

Traditional methods of creating in-field drainage designs can often involve tedious back-and-forth trips to the office to design the project in CAD. Topcon’s Pocket 3D software eliminates the hassle by allowing users to easily create U, V, and benched-shaped trenches along with custom surfaces in real-time on-site, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Advanced 3D views for project visualization

A common challenge faced by many construction and surveying professionals is a lack of a proper 3D viewer in their field software.

Topcon’s MC-Mobile addresses this issue head-on, providing easy-to-use in-cab software with advanced 3D views for both the in-cab and field survey applications.

This feature allows for efficient project visualisation, helping users to better plan, execute and manage their work.

Guide the machine in 3D

Take the machine’s GNSS receiver and use it as a rover

In addition to its other cutting-edge features, the LN-150 also serves as a robust, cost-effective, self-levelling robotic total station with a wide variety of applications.

Most notably, it can guide the machine in 3D, offering quality precision and control. Controlling the machine using the LN-150 increases vertical accuracy and can be used anywhere where GNSS based systems can’t.


Topcon says their MC-Mobile is a revolutionary solution that promises to redefine the landscape of construction and surveying.

By addressing common industry pain points and introducing innovative new features, it can offer professionals the opportunity to work more efficiently and accurately than ever before.

Whether guiding a machine in 3D, creating in-field drains, or using advanced 3D views for project visualisation, MC-Mobile is designed to help users get the job done right.

Experience the future of construction field work with Topcon’s MC-Mobile for compact equipment. With its unique capabilities and user-friendly interface,
it’s a tool that can help take projects to the next level.

Experience the power of MC-Mobile: Attend a live demonstration

The best way to experience the full potential of the MC-Mobile solution is to witness it in action. That’s why New Zealand Topcon distributors Synergy Solutions are inviting industry professionals to see demonstrations of the revolutionary product live.

During the demo, visitors will have the opportunity to experience first-hand how MC-Mobile can make construction and surveying easier than ever before.

Synergy’s expert staff will be on hand to demonstrate all its features and capabilities, giving a better understanding of how it can help businesses save time and money on their projects. 

Experience advanced 3D views for project visualisation, easily create trenches, drainage, and custom surfaces in real-time on-site, and guide a machine in 3D with quality precision and control — all this and more is possible with MC-Mobile.

Synergy says they understand that every job is different, and their team will take the time to answer any questions demo day visitors may have about how MC-Mobile can be tailored to specific needs and workflows.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, MC-Mobile has advanced features a progressive business needs to stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly evolving construction industry.



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