Product feature: Gauss electromagnets

Gauss electromagnets are compact, fully mobile, and designed to be an all-in-one solution to the heavy-duty handling and sorting of steel and iron materials

Gauss electromagnets are designed to be strong and safe

"Since we introduced them to the market, our Gauss electromagnets have become an absolute game-changer," says Paul Herbison of Boss Attachments.

Capable of delivering extreme lifting capabilities, Gauss electromagnets have attracted the attention of waste, recycling, construction, and demolition contractors around the globe.

"Clients tell us that these units are delivering awesome reductions in the time that it’s taking to sort and handle iron and steel," says Paul.

"By using the electromagnet to attract ferrous materials, operators can also separate valuable non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminium, copper, and brass) for further processing and recycling. Collectively, this results in less material entering the waste stream."

The Italian-manufactured Gauss electromagnets have more than 50 years of design and development behind them, and the brand has earned an international reputation for outstanding performance and their operational simplicity is unsurpassed, says Boss Attachments.

"All the operator needs to do is switch the units’ oil flow on or off — it’s as simple as that," says Paul. "There are no electrical connections to worry about and the hydraulic oil flow can be taken from the attachment’s supply line or any other service line, such as
a breaker or tilt bucket line."

The electromagnet is magnetised when the hydraulic oil flows in the generator and demagnetised when the hydraulic oil flow is cut off. The electromagnet unit includes a hydraulic generator and control.

The electromagnet is said to be easy to install or uninstall, either with mounting chains or a quick-connect adaptor. This means that the electromagnet provides the flexibility to be used on multiple machines or between yard and demolition sites.

One Boss client has described his electromagnet as an "absolute weapon" while others, like Cody Pepere of Wellington-based Multi Civil Contractors, believe that the electromagnets’ versatility delivers major benefits for their business.

Lifting and sorting is a piece of cake

"As well as lifting and sorting, our unit is fitted with teeth, which can be used to shift concrete and uncover reinforcing steel prior to lifting," says Cody.

The MRS125-HD’s high power and compact design can make it ideal for excavators starting from 22 tonnes.

Key features:

  • 1250mm diameter high-powered electrolytic high-grade aluminium coil winding magnet with complete coil protection by silicon compound insulation
  • 15,000kg tear-off force
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulic power plant
  • 220Vdc Mecc Alte SpA alternator
  • Auto de-mag system
  • Anti-vibration supports

"Our Gauss electromagnets deliver the significant operational benefits that clients are looking for, including reductions in operating costs and improved productivity," Paul adds.

For further information, contact Paul Herbison 027 290 830 or visit

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