Product feature: Hidromek HMK 145LCSR H4

By: Steve Atkinson , Photography by: Steve Atkinson, Video by: DOWs library

A recap on the impressive Hidromek HMK 145LCSR H4 excavator, a 16.6-tonne model that was first introduced in New Zealand in early 2021

The HMK 145LCSR H4 is NZ’s most popular Hidromek model

Hidromek’s HMK 145LCSR H4 excavator, distributed in New Zealand by Magnum Equipment, has proven to be a popular choice for those looking for reliable, high-performance equipment.


The model offers a range of features and benefits that can make it an ideal choice for all types of job sites, from residential to industrial excavation projects.

Proven performance

Power is provided by a turbocharged 98hp(73kW)@2000rpm Isuzu engine

Powered by a turbocharged 98hp(73kW)@2000rpm Isuzu engine (Tier3 emission, no DEF fluid required), providing a maximum 385Nm@1600rpm of torque, the 16.6-tonne machine has found its way into the fleets of a growing number of contractors around the country.

A short radius machine with extended undercarriage (LCSR = Long Carriage Short Radius), the HMK 145LCSR H4 is designed to provide a stable base for numerous applications, making it suitable for tight medium-to-large urban construction projects, while also allowing rural contractors to work closely alongside fences and hedgerows, without the operator worrying about what the counterweight may encounter out the back.

Adding to the versatility of the excavator is a solid dozer blade, which comes fitted standard and also provides additional stabilisation, especially when working on soft or uneven terrain.

Auckland-based arborist business Aarons Contracting Ltd purchased their HMK 145LCSR H4 in late 2022 and company owner Aaron Blackbourne says one of the main reasons for selecting the particular model was the solid footprint and the short radius that comes into its own when working in tight areas.

Aaron Contracting’s primary attachment is a Vosch rotating grapple saw

Used with a Vosch rotating grapple saw as its primary attachment, Aaron says the Hidromek is a good carrier because of the two auxiliary circuits that come as standard, meaning they only needed to fit one more circuit to run the cutting action of the saw.

The two hydraulic pumps provide 129L/min each

Hydraulic power is provided by Kawasaki double variable displacement axial piston pumps, providing a maximum flow of 2 x 129 litres per minute. The system is designed to provide excellent performance and control, allowing operators to efficiently work at all times with varying attachments depending on the job application.

Build quality

The panels are sturdier than many other brands

Another aspect that New Zealand buyers of the Hidromek brand have found is the solid build quality of the undercarriage and steel panels, which are significantly sturdier than many other brands on the market.

The local distributors of the brand have come to describe it as the ‘knock test’, as explained by Magnum Equipment’s founder and director Liam Field.

"Essentially, the knock test is where a potential buyer knocks their knuckles on the steel panels as they walk around the machine," he says. "It only takes a couple of raps before they nod their heads and acknowledge the solid sound they hear."

Easy operation

Remote fuel filler and easy access to filters

In addition to its well-suited engine and hydraulic system, the HMK 145LCSR H4 excavator includes several comfort features that make it a great choice for operators who will be spending long hours on the job site.

It’s well-ventilated with air conditioning and an integrated fan system to keep operators cool or warm depending on the weather conditions.

The ergonomic seating and controls help provide maximum comfort and ease of use. Operators can also adjust the seat height, allowing for more visibility while working on their projects.

The HMK 145LCSR H4 has a maximum digging reach of 8210mm

Tackling primarily residential, commercial, rural, and forestry work, Big Paw Civil works on sites in Whanganui, across to Taihape, and as far south as Wellington. Company owner Hayden Ogden says he was impressed by the comfort of his HMK 145LCSR H4.

Briar and Hayden Ogden of Big Paw Civil

He says that as a big six-foot-three guy, the comfort for him was far superior to what he had experienced in the past with other brands, and for him, the Hidromek was hard to fault.

Hayden adds that while Hidromeks are not the cheapest machines on the market, he could see from the solid panels and Japanese-made engine and pumps that they were a quality build with easily obtained generic running gear.

Trusted choice

Overall, the HMK 145LCSR H4 can be an excellent choice for a variety of excavation projects due to its high performance, ergonomic design, and easy maintenance features.

Magnum Equipment says that since being introduced in early 2021, the model has provided numerous contractors with reliable service and excavation capabilities across varying job sites.

"We’re very happy with the HMK 145LCSR H4 and how it has fitted into the fleet of local contractors well. It’s our most popular excavator model, thanks to its versatility, ease of use, and ability to power hydraulic attachments efficiently," says Liam.

"We find that the model and brand as a whole is a well-accepted part of the excavation marketplace in New Zealand, and it’s reassuring to see that it’s a significant contributor to the local construction scene."

Hidromek HMK 145LCSR H4 specifications

Operating weight 16,600kg 
Engine Isuzu AJ 4JJ1X 
Power 73kw(98hp)@2000rpm 
Max torque 385Nm@1600rpm 
Emission system Tier 3 
Main pump

2 x variable displacement piston pumps 

Max pump oil flow 2 x 129L/min 
Max travel speed High 5.7km/h Low 3.4km/h 
Bucket digging force 96kN 
Arm digging force 69kN 

Max digging reach (std arm)

Max dig depth 5360mm 
Max dump height 6690mm 
Min swing radius 1990mm 
Max clearance  430mm 

For more information, call Luke 021 988 223, Liam 021 334 098, or visit

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