Product feature: Ditch Witch JT24

The Ditch Witch JT24 has been designed to be both efficient and versatile, making it ideal for projects of all sizes

The new Ditch Witch JT24

The evolution of the directional drill range from Ditch Witch continues with the introduction of the JT24. Manufactured to be the perfect solution for directional drilling projects that require a compact and powerful machine, the JT24 has been designed to be both efficient and versatile, making it ideal for projects of all sizes.

The JT24 has been designed to be both efficient and versatile

"The JT24 was specifically designed off the back of customer feedback," says Ditch Witch CEA New Zealand general manager John Grant. "It’s ideal for urban and residential projects, gas and fibre jobs, and while it’s compact in size, it boasts plenty of power, making it ideal for use on a diverse range of sites."

Easy access for machine maintenance and serviceability

Because of its small footprint, the Ditch Witch JT24 can be perfect for navigating tight spaces and confined job sites. At just 5770mm long and 1660mm wide, it’s easy to manoeuvre in even the most challenging conditions. The JT24 is packed with power, with a thrust and pullback force of 24,000lbs (106kN) and powered by a 101hp (75kW) Cummins diesel engine.

Because of its small footprint, the JT24 is ideal for urban and residential projects

The Ditch Witch JT24 is engineered for maximum efficiency, with a range of features that help to streamline the directional drilling process. It featuresa top-notch drilling fluid system that provides optimal pressure, flow rate, and filtration for improved drilling performance.

The machine also features a highly efficient mud pump that can deliver up to 151 litres per minute (40gpm) of fluid per minute, ensuring that drilling can proceed smoothly and efficiently.

A highly versatile machine, the JT24 can handle a wide range of drilling applications.

"It’s capable of drilling in a variety of soil conditions, from loose sand to hard rock, and can drill shots up to 152 metres with on-board rods, making it a great choice for larger-scale projects," adds John.

"To find out more, contact the team at Ditch Witch CEA to learn about this innovative machine and how it can help you achieve success in your next project."  

For more information, call 0800 435 269 or visit

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